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If you’re interested in a career that affords you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities, consider nursing. Nurses play an integral role in providing direct patient care as well as educating patients and their families, so they are comfortable and knowledgeable about their health conditions. As one of the most sought-after positions in healthcare, nurses have many career opportunities available to them, including roles in research, leadership and education. Carroll offers three entry points into a nursing career: associate degree, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Our programs are designed with the adult learner in mind. We enroll both traditional high school graduates as well as nontraditional adults who may have started out in a different career and decided nursing is for them. At Carroll, there is a pathway for anyone who wants to become a nurse and for those who want to advance their education.

An Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) is also available, preference given to bilingual candidates. 

Candidates that currently hold a bachelors degree, can consider the MSN-Direct Entry program to become a registered nurse.

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Wilhelmina Zastrow '24

Nursing Major

“I chose this program because Carroll is a very respected Nursing school (it's #1 in our state) and I absolutely fell in love with the nursing facilities when I visited. During my clinical, I found it challenging to think like a nurse while writing care plans. My professors helped me learn how to think critically, think using my medical knowledge and, essentially, think like a nurse. After understanding how to write a care plan, I then understood the type of thinking I need to have with every patient as a nurse.

Carroll has really shown me that there is more to life than I thought. The nursing program has really helped me see different cultures, opportunities and ways to grow. Carroll has also helped push me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to find my inner creativeness. Going to a liberal arts university has really helped me become a more well-rounded individual. I truly can now see from other perspectives and enjoy being able to have influential conversations with others.”

Nursing student Wilhelmina Zastrow

About the Nursing Major

Forge your own path in the healthcare industry after you complete your bachelor’s degree in nursing at Carroll University. You’ll learn basic nursing skills, participate in simulation based education, and work in clinical settings to further your expertise to prepare for a rewarding career. As you move through the program you’ll choose to focus your end of program capstone experience in areas such as medical-surgical, pediatric, palliative care, psychiatric or intensive care.

You’ll begin nursing courses and participate in simulation based education and lab skill development, during your first year at Carroll. Nursing students are exposed to a supportive environment and develop close working relationships with faculty members and their peers throughout their time in the program. Although our nursing program is rigorous, students are encouraged to continue their outside interests and hobbies while pursuing their studies. We believe doing so keeps our students excited about becoming a nurse and allows them to contribute to their courses and clinical in a variety of ways.

The hands-on learning you’ll receive from your clinical placements exposes you to a variety of service areas and patients. Beginning your second year, you’ll work in Long Term Care facilities, caring primarily for geriatric clients, and in the third and fourth year, you will transition to the medical-surgical units in acute care hospitals under the supervision of faculty and professional nurses. During your course of study, you’ll observe patients and work toward direct responsibility for planning, managing and administering care for a two- to three-patient load. Your education culminates with a capstone experience where you’ll be required to work 120 hours in a healthcare setting at one of southeastern Wisconsin’s best health systems or one of your choosing. This provides you with the opportunity to advance your skills and network as you prepare to search for a professional position.

Cross-Cultural Experiences Contribute to Enhanced Learning Opportunities

Beyond courses in your field of study, a benefit to attending Carroll is participating in our required cross-cultural experience component. These experiences will allow you to learn about different cultures and give you the opportunity to travel and interact with diverse groups locally, nationally or internationally. Students majoring in the health sciences can use their cross-cultural experience to gain additional knowledge in healthcare. Groups travel on medical missions around the globe to provide care and interact with underserved populations in countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Nicaragua. These unique immersive experiences will make you a desirable applicant for graduate programs or professional careers.


Carroll University provides students with a rigorous curriculum, as well as academic support from course faculty, faculty advisors, peer mentors, and Library Learning Commons tutors. One measure of the success of Carroll's nursing program is reflected in the pass rate on the NCLEX RN licensure exam. The Carroll University Nursing BSN Program is ranked well above the national and state average for percentage of graduates passing the exam. In Wisconsin the 2022 NCLEX Pass rate was 95%. 

“I've gained experiences that will benefit me in many ways.”
— Joy Perry '19

Read Joy's story

State-Of-The-Art Teaching Laboratories

Doug and Nancy Hastad Hall significantly houses the nursing, physics/engineering and exercise science programs as well as provides space for other academic classroom needs. Nursing students now have the ability to learn in state-of-the-art teaching and simulation laboratory facilities, better preparing them to care for patients in the clinical setting.


the CCNE Accredited seal.
The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at Carroll University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791.


Our nursing program proudly participates in two professional nursing traditions: our Pinning and White Coat Ceremony.

The Pinning Ceremony is a commitment to the hard work and dedication to their coursework, clinicals and the profession during their time at Carroll University. The pinning ceremony is offered to students who have completed their degree to become a registered nurse (RN). The transition marks the important transition from student to practitioner.

The Sigma Theta Tau Induction will be held on May 6 at 09:30 a.m. CST with the Nursing Pinning Ceremony following after at 11:30 a.m. CST.

You can watch this year’s Pinning Ceremony here.

We began the White Coat Ceremony tradition with the freshman class of 2014. The White Coat Ceremony matches the Carroll nursing program’s culture of welcoming and supporting one another in our work.

Senior nursing students cloak the sophomore nursing students with a white coat, a symbol of a healthcare professional, illustrating and affirming that yes, the educational path is challenging, but it is achievable. Each coat also includes a red pin from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, which reads “Humanism and Excellence.”

The ceremony takes place each fall and has become an event where students can celebrate the hard work they are about to embark on with faculty members, their peers as well as families and invited guests.

The White Coat Ceremony will be held on September 29, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. CST.
You can watch this year's White Coat Ceremony here.


We help you build real world experience, explore careers and network with professionals through internship opportunities. Recent placements include the following companies:

  • Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare
  • Veteran’s Affairs Learning Opportunities Residency (VALOR) Program
  • Meriter Hospital Summer Externship
  • Agrace Hospice in Madison, Summer Internship


College is a big investment in a bright future. Learn more about the industries and careers our majors pursue, and the workplaces and experiences of the alumni from our program. See where yours may take you

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Carroll University celebrated as proud faculty and staff witnessed the graduation of their inaugural Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) class.


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