Counseling and Accessibility Services

Being a college student is exciting but we know it can be challenging, too. At the Walter Young Center, we provide support to our students through professional counseling and accessibility services.

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Our professional staff have the training and resources to provide the level of support our students may need to ensure their success at Carroll.

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Professional Counseling

Our licensed, professional counselors are here to help students with issues that can be resolved with short-term, solution-focused individual counseling. If the issue is more serious, our staff will work to find the best community resources.

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Student Support Team

The Student Support Team supports student retention and a healthy campus community at Carroll University by coordinating support services and appropriate interventions to assist students who are in distress or who have reportedly displayed troublesome or concerning behaviors.

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Accessibility Services

Carroll University is committed to making otherwise qualified students with accessibility needs full participants in its programs, courses, services and activities. Student Accessibility Services provides assistance to students who have supplied appropriate documentation evidencing needs that range from mild to severe in nature.


Office Hours: Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. during the academic year. Please contact us for our shortened hours from May–August. 
Location: Walter Young Counseling Center  |  304 N. East Ave 
Email:  |  Phone: 262.524.7335  |  Fax: 262.524.6892


Counseling and accessibility records are kept separate from academic, disciplinary and medical records to ensure each student’s privacy and confidentiality. No information is released without the knowledge and written consent of the student, except for those rare instances where counselors are required by law to reveal particular information. In an emergency, where students demonstrate a high probability of harming themselves or others, the staff might be required to release information to ensure safety. 

Emergency Numbers

In an emergency, when the Walter Young Center is not open, call Public Safety at 262.524.7300. Other emergency numbers:

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