Carroll’s First ADN Graduating Class Thrives in the Classroom and the Workforce

Author: Tim Muma

Published Date: 12/22/2023

Categories: Nursing Students University News

Henke Nursing Center
In August, Carroll University celebrated a momentous occasion as proud faculty and staff witnessed the graduation of their inaugural Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) class. This milestone marked the culmination of a journey that began in 2021 with a handful of committed students and zealous leaders.
One component that sets this ADN class apart is their exceptional performance on the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). With a 100% first-time pass rate, these graduates surpassed the national average for ADN graduates, which typically hovers around 70%. Their remarkable achievement not only reflects the dedication of the students but also underscores the effectiveness of the program in preparing nursing professionals for the challenges of the healthcare industry.
Carroll’s ADN program started by utilizing the United Community Center (UCC) with a modest enrollment of 19 students, each driven by the passion to contribute to healthcare, with nine of them graduating this year. Over time, some students chose to slow down their progression while remaining in the program with plans to graduate in the future. But the impact of the program reaches far beyond numbers. Despite the challenges, the commitment to providing quality nursing education remained unwavering, as has the program’s commitment to addressing the critical need for diversity in the nursing workforce in Wisconsin.
All the graduates of Carroll’s ADN program are not only successful in their academic pursuits but have also seamlessly transitioned into the workforce. Their employment success is not just about securing jobs; it's about fulfilling a vital need for diversity in Wisconsin's nursing sector. With approximately 90% of the graduating class representing diverse backgrounds, the program actively addresses the demand for a more inclusive healthcare workforce.
Carroll’s commitment to excellence and diversity has not gone unnoticed. In the summer, the program moved to St. Augustine Prep Academy, accommodating the largest class to date with 24 students. The program's reputation has spread far and wide, attracting inquiries from prospective students daily. This expansion is a testament to the success of the ADN program and its positive impact on the community.
The ADN graduates' success extends beyond professional achievements; it has significantly impacted their social mobility and fulfilled lifelong dreams. During the pinning ceremony, many graduates expressed gratitude for the opportunity to turn their aspirations into reality. This program has become a pathway for individuals and their families to achieve dreams that seemed unattainable just a few years ago.
Recognizing the potential of their graduates, Carroll has initiated an RN-to-MSN program tailored for these ADN alumni. This route allows them to continue their education, paving the way for future educators and leaders in healthcare. By investing in the continuous growth and development of their students, Carroll is contributing to the overall improvement of healthcare education and leadership.
The success of Carroll University’s inaugural ADN class is just the beginning. As the program expands and receives accolades for its commitment to excellence, the impact on healthcare in Wisconsin is undeniable. The journey of this first ADN class is not just a celebration of a graduating class, it is a proven example of the power of education in building a diverse, skilled, and compassionate healthcare workforce.
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