Trademarks and Licensing

The Carroll University wordmark and logo are trademarked property of the university and their use is strictly controlled. Carroll University’s athletics teams are known as the Pioneers and are represented by the character, Pioneer Pete, or Pio Pete. Use of the Carroll University logo, the Pioneers wordmark, the Pio Pete character or any other names and symbols associated with Carroll University are protected by and belong to the university. Use of any of these branding elements requires approval of the university.

Approved Vendors

Logos of Carroll University

Any group, business or other entity wanting to use the Carroll brand must work with university-approved vendors and have the design approved by the university. This is done in order to ensure consistency in brand standards and to protect the university’s reputation. 

Carroll has partnered with numerous licensed vendors capable of producing a wide variety of Carroll branded merchandise. For a downloadable list of these approved vendors, visit the Carroll University page on the Learfield website and search for Carroll University on the Licensee and Products Lists page.  

Any vendor on our approved list will have direct access to all logo files, complete with the appropriate file types, color specifications, typefaces, etc. Items designed through an approved and licensed vendor are submitted to the university for approval.

Here's how it works:

  • Select one of the licensed vendors or invite your preferred vendor to become licensed (see below)
  • Design your product (most vendors will help with this step)
  • The vendor will submit the design for approval
  • Once approved, you’re ready to complete the ordering process with your vendor

Become a Vendor

Want to be a vendor of branded Carroll University or Pioneers gear? Carroll University utilizes the services of Learfield Licensing Partners to process license applications and to oversee the use of the university’s brand.

Apply for licensing approval through Learfield

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