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F1RST is the official publication of Carroll University.  The magazine puts a fresh spin on stories about campus life, updates on alumni and in-depth features connecting the accomplishments of Carroll alumni, faculty and staff to today's headlines. Comments and ideas about the publication can be made to editor@carrollu.edu.

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Cover of the Spring 2019 issue of First Magazine

Current Issue | Spring 2019

Explore the consequences of today's play deficit, go behind the scenes of Carroll after dark to see who keeps the University running 24/7 and visit the new collaborative spaces that are popping up all over campus.

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The End of Play

Researchers say many children today suffer from a play deficit. We take a look at why that matters.

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NBA game fans with red overlays

Actuaries in the NBA

Is Carroll the 'official analytics feeder school' of the NBA?

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Cow fur pattern with dark green overlay

A Cow in Main Hall?

Alumni reminisce about legendary Spring Fling prank

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Exterior of Todd Wehr Memorial Library at Night

Carroll at Night

A Photographic Look at Our Favorite University at Night

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Students in casual space within the Jaharis Science Laboratories

Room to Grow

Collaborative spaces popping up all over campus

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Ray Pierce playing basketball with blue overlay

Driven to Succeed

Ray Pierce exemplifies what it means to be a Carroll student athlete

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Explore the stories of Carroll University alumni, faculty and staff in digital articles pulled from the pages of F1RST Magazine. These articles may feature bonus content like extra photos or video. 

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