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F1RST is the official publication of Carroll University.  The magazine puts a fresh spin on stories about campus life, updates on alumni and in-depth features connecting the accomplishments of Carroll alumni, faculty and staff to today's headlines. Comments and ideas about the publication can be made to editor@carrollu.edu.

F1RST Magazine was recognize with a 2019 MarCom Platinum Award for excellence in print media.
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Current Issue | Spring 2021

Our spring edition arrives like the first dragonfly on a warm, sunny spring afternoon. Learn all about Carroll's sustainability efforts, as your favorite university goes green, and get a glimpse into some recent convocations. These additional learning opportunities for our students reflect the value and importance of a liberal arts-based education. You'll also meet a dedicated student-athlete who found his home in the pool and read about the university's plans for "the Pharm."

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two drones, an unmanned aircraft and a submersible

Research project relies on unmanned aircraft


A Pioneer Scholars project illustrates the interdisciplinary potential of Carroll's new Unmanned Aircraft Systems minor

open hands

Discovering the Deeper Wisdom of Grace and Gratitude


The Covid-19 pandemic has not passed by the Carroll campus. Like so many communities around the world, we have had losses in our Carroll family: parents, grandparents, alumni, extended relations and friends. The pandemic also brought the loss of two beloved faculty members.

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