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F1RST is the official publication of Carroll University.  The magazine puts a fresh spin on stories about campus life, updates on alumni and in-depth features connecting the accomplishments of Carroll alumni, faculty and staff to today's headlines. Comments and ideas about the publication can be made to editor@carrollu.edu.

F1RST Magazine was recognize with a 2019 MarCom Platinum Award for excellence in print media.
Cover of the Spring 2020 issue of First Magazine

Current Issue | Spring 2020

Join a professor and student as they search for new tools in the battle against killer bacteria in the Michael and Mary Jaharis Science Laboratories, learn about the path biology major Benyapa Khowpinitchai took to Carroll and the artful balance she discoverd here, and remember the legacy of service that the late P.E. MacAllister ’40 leaves behind at Carroll.

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Not Just Another Phage

Waging war on killer bacteria in a Carroll biology lab.

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Jeff Cummisford participating in the Birkie

Hustle. Think. And Glide.

His father's advice has worked out pretty well for Jeff Cummisford '73

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Anthony Sikorski

Youth is Served

Fifteen-year-old Anthony Sikorski is focused, fast, and already a Pioneer.

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abstract red paint in water

Where Art Meets Science

Biology major Benyapa Khowpinitchai discovers an artful balance.

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Carroll University Marching Band

Marching Toward the Future

2019 was a year of growth for  Carroll's marching band, and with that growth comes change and a little bit of risk.

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Pershing Edwin MacAllister

A True Pioneer

P.E. MacAllister '40, who passed away on Oct. 23, left a remarkable legacy at Carroll University

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