Science and Language Undergraduate Development (SALUD)

Carroll University's new interdisciplinary program offers students who are interested in Spanish and the health sciences an opportunity to prepare themselves for careers in a high-demand field.

According to a recent Wisconsin Registered Nurse Survey Report, only 11 percent of Wisconsin nurses spoke Spanish in 2012. As Hispanic populations in the United States continue to grow, the need for more bilingual health care providers is growing faster than ever.

Program Highlights

In the SALUD program, Spanish and the health sciences are combined in coursework, cultural events, community service opportunities, a student organization and specialized international travel programs.

Students in the SALUD program will be provided with tailored academic plans for those pursuing the following degrees:

Career Opportunities

SALUD Program graduates will be prepared for medical and dental school as well as careers in the fields above. In addition, other career opportunities include:

  • Public health professional
  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Medical equipment sales
  • Community educator
  • Researcher
  • Translator/interpreter
  • Teacher
Panoramic View of campus