Carroll University is a Pioneer—Wisconsin’s first, four-year institution of higher learning. From 1846 forward, we’ve been helping generations of students like you discover their unique place in the world. You’re a seeker, an explorer. You’re driven by curiosity, fueled by the desire to better yourself and your world. We get it. The first step on an epic journey is preparation. Let’s get started!

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The best way to see yourself at Carroll is to see Carroll for yourself.

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Fall 2022 Application

Apply for the upcoming Fall 2022 Semester. 

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2023 Application

Apply for the upcoming 2023 school year.

Welcome to Waukesha

Our campus is just blocks from charming downtown Waukesha’s riverfront shops and restaurants, putting you in walking distance of everything you want to do.

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Admission Types

Everyone's journey is unique and starts from a different place. We've made this next step easier by creating several unique admissions pathways. Start your journey below by selecting the option that most closely resembles your journey.


If you have graduated from high school or will soon and have yet to attend another college or university, your journey starts here.


If you are seeking to pursue a graduate-level degree, your journey starts here.


If you're coming to Carrol from another country or are a non-U.S. citizen who does not hold permanent resident status, your journey starts here.


If you're coming from another country or are a non-US citizen who does not hold US permanent resident status


If you are a high school or middle school student seeking enrichment and college preparatory programs your journey starts here. 

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