Adult, Community and Professional Education

Learning can occur anywhere, which means teachers are everywhere. Carroll University’s Adult, Community and Professional Education program recognizes that teaching happens throughout life, and will prepare you for any number of roles in which leadership and education skills are critical.

This program seeks to develop leaders, in the workplace and in the community. It is ideally suited for you if you’re a professional in management, human resources, training, civic engagement, advocacy, or other positions where you deal with and lead other adults. Our Adult, Community and Professional Education (ACPE) program will provide you with the most current information on theory, research and practice. You’ll explore adult education issues related to learning, curriculum planning, evaluation and administration while researching and completing projects relevant to a variety of professional, civic and educational settings.

Learning Community Model

This Program is delivered through a learning community. Participants meet together one weekend a month over a 20-month period. Interacting with a group of peers at periodic intervals provides students time and space to examine issues thoughtfully and collaboratively – creating a community of learning that’s self-sustaining. Each cohort is co-facilitated by 2 instructors who follow the program through its entirety.

An Exceptional Value

Through real-world practical experiences, you’ll learn how to design, implement and evaluate educational programs and activities that facilitate adult learning, collaboration and leadership. You’ll become an advocate for practices that foster respect for diversity, expand civic engagement and strengthen our democracy. As a capstone project, you’ll research and propose a solution to a real-world issue in your own field.

Program Options

The program offers two certificates, one in Adult Learning and one in Community and Civic Engagement. Combine both to earn a master’s degree!

Adult Learning Certificate 

This five-course sequence provides students with an understanding of adults as learners.

Community and Civic Engagement 

This five-course sequence focuses on civic studies, which sees the citizen as a “creative agent,” who through public work, engages with others to promote civic renewal in communities.

What sets Carroll apart?

This program is appropriate for leaders in:

Business: Healthcare management; human resource and organizational development; corporate training designers, managers and practitioners; technical writers and professionals; performance technologists, consultants and evaluators.

Community: Non-profit organizations; community development; justice and corrections, including police officers and parole agents; social welfare advocates; public health educators; government agencies; faith-based teachers and leaders; military leaders; consumer advocates.

Schools: Program evaluators; professional development coordinators; community school professionals; civic engagement developers; community service professionals.

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