Mathematics minors

Elementary Education Mathematics Minor

If you want to teach math at the elementary school level in Wisconsin, you’ll need to combine your major in elementary education with this minor in elementary mathematics. You’ll study proof-writing, problem solving, introductory geometry and algebra, probability and statistics and computational thinking and data analysis, among other subjects.

Mathematics Minor

A mathematics minor pairs well with numerous majors at Carroll. You’ll take core courses in calculus and choose additional coursework such as engineering mathematics, probability and statistics, geometry or numerical analysis, based on your interests or major. In many fields, such as computer science, the more refined analytical skills taught in this minor will help you stand out as a job candidate or graduate school applicant.

Secondary Education Mathematics Minor

If you’re planning a career teaching at the secondary level, you can pair this minor with one of the DPI-approved majors and a secondary education minor to expand your classroom abilities. You’ll study calculus, modern geometry, proof-writing, probability and statistics.

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