Marketing targets consumers with messages that they will find meaningful and compelling. It links creativity with strategy. Marketers want to understand what we as consumers want and use that knowledge to help businesses develop profitable products and services that add value to our lives. Everywhere you look, from the camera on your phone to the color of your car to the new late night menu at your favorite fast-food restaurant, you can be sure a marketing team was involved. If you’re interested in a challenging career that deals with a constantly changing landscape, then a career in marketing is an excellent choice.

“A Marketing major provides great career flexibility.”

— Katie Antony '20

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About the Marketing Major

Marketing makes the connection between products, services and consumers.

When businesses want to develop new or revise existing offerings, they look to the marketing team to help them connect with consumers. Does the product fulfill a want or need? How will it be introduced and promoted? What is the best way to communicate its value? How should it be priced? Marketers help drive profitable decisions by helping businesses make smart choices based on customer demand. And marketing plays a role in improving overall quality of life by analyzing consumer behavior, discovering unmet needs and coming up with solutions.

As a marketing major, you’ll find an almost limitless number of career choices. Marketers work in every industry, from retail to healthcare to technology to the arts to advertising and more. It’s an incredibly flexible field that gives you an opportunity to make an impact by understanding what customers need and helping businesses provide it. 

The Carroll University marketing major prepares you with a broad business background, including courses in market research, economics, management, business law, finance and accounting. You can customize your major through the addition of classes in public relations, consumer behavior, visual communications and more. You’ll finish your degree with a project that uses all the knowledge you’ve gained in a real world Capstone business simulation.

And you’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the community through participation in Carroll's chapter of Enactus, an international business organization promoting entrepreneurial action to create a better world.

The marketing major pairs well with a major or minor in graphic communication. Other minors to consider include finance, accounting, economics, or management and leadership. 

Yersin Business Scholarship

The Yersin Business Scholarship is a prestigious award providing $2,500–$5,000 in scholarship funds to qualified students.

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In addition to the major, Carroll offers a minor in marketing that complements many areas of study:

Recent Internship Locations

We help you build real world experience, explore careers and network with professionals through internship opportunities. Recent placements include the following companies:

  • Florentine Opera Company
  • Fox Sports Wisconsin
  • Leo Burnett Group
  • Marketing Images
  • Milwaukee Radio Alliance Promotions Department

Discover Career Potential

College is a big investment in a bright future. Learn more about the industries and careers our majors pursue, and the workplaces and experiences of the alumni from our program. See where yours may take you.

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“Carroll truly allows students the time to explore opportunities outside of academics.”

— Kailey McDade '19

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Meet the Faculty

Dr. Steven Brewer

Dr. Steven Brewer

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Sarah Esveldt

Sarah Esveldt

Senior Lecturer in Business Administration
John Gnadinger

John Gnadinger

Director of Business Intelligence Consortium, Instructor
Dr. Muztoba Khan

Dr. Muztoba Khan

Assistant Professor of Business
Dr. Gregory Kuhlemeyer

Dr. Gregory Kuhlemeyer

Professor of Business
Dr. Katie McCarthy

Dr. Katie McCarthy

Assistant Professor of Applied Business Analytics
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John Michl

Visiting Lecturer of Business
Dr. Julio Rivera

Dr. Julio Rivera

Dr. Alexandra Sielaff

Dr. Alexandra Sielaff

Associate Professor of Global Management | Program Director for MBA
Dr. Carol Tallarico

Dr. Carol Tallarico

Professor of Business
Dr. Mary Ann Wisniewski

Dr. Mary Ann Wisniewski

Professor of Business Administration
Lisa Zajc

Lisa Zajc

Lecturer in Accounting
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