Katie Antony '20

Major: Marketing
Minors: Web Design

What made you choose this major?

I chose to major in marketing because of my previous experience in public relations and sales. I enjoyed these experiences and wanted to learn more in depth about marketing as the major provides flexibility and can take me down many different career paths, such as product management, market research, sales, or public relations.

What is your career objective?

My goal upon graduation is to get into sports marketing with a professional sports team. This will combine my passion for sports and my knowledge of proper marketing techniques. 

How has what you’ve learned prepared you for your future?  

The curriculum for the marketing major and web design minor at Carroll University has thoroughly challenged and developed my abilities. I have been able to not only pinpoint the skills I’m strong in but also improve and fine tune those that I’m not. My coursework has helped me focus on the details while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

What opportunities have you had to work closely with a faculty member and what impact has that had on your education?

All of the professors that I have had the pleasure of interacting with at Carroll have impacted me on some level. The smaller class sizes that Carroll offers have given me the opportunity to connect with my professors not only on a professional level but a personal level. My relationship with Professor Carol Tallarico has greatly impacted my time here at Carroll University. She has helped expand my knowledge and passion for marketing as well as helped me navigate my way through several tough academic decisions to get me to the place I’m at today. She’s even made efforts to help me with my search for a job once I graduate. I have definitely gained not only a professional relationship but a personal relationship that I am grateful for.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had in your education at Carroll?

The most memorable experience I’ve had in my education at Carroll has been the flexibility to participate in sports at a collegiate level and get a truly hands-on educational experience in my classes at the same time.

How has Carroll enriched your growth as a person?

I came into Carroll as an exploring student. Being able to explore classes in many different areas really helped me ultimately choose what I wanted to major in. I was able to discover what interested me academically while pursuing my passion for sports on Carroll University’s Women’s Soccer team

If you were recommending your major to a prospective student, what would you tell them?

A Marketing major provides great career flexibility and allows you the opportunity to experience multiple different directions and choose which direction you would like to head.

How has financial aid made a difference in your life?

Financial Aid and scholarships have provided me the means to obtain a degree from a great university setting me in the position poised for success going forward.

What’s your favorite place to study on campus?

My favorite place to study on campus is the coffee shop in the library, Stone Creek. You’ll find me in there a lot.

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