Healthcare heroes start here. Nurses are at the epicenter of modern medicine, providing direct patient care, engaging in education and research, even in leadership positions. Carroll University’s top-rated nursing program offers five pathways to enter or advance in this essential and high-demand field. Whether you’re just beginning your journey, advancing your skillsets or making a career change, our programs are convenient, flexible and crafted to help you succeed.
A healthcare professional gently examines a smiling young child with a stethoscope during a routine checkup.

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

Choose this path if you want to become an RN at the associate degree level, which will allow you to work in most acute care and long term care settings.

Three smiling healthcare professionals wearing scrubs with Carroll University's logo displayed.

Bachelors of Nursing (BSN)

Choose this path if you want to become an RN at the bachelor’s degree level. Our program, with a foundation in liberal arts, allows you to work in most health care settings and communities.

Two healthcare professionals with masks discussing work in front of a laptop, with a screen in the background displaying an ongoing medical training or simulation session.

MSN-Direct Entry

Choose this path if you have a bachelor’s degree in another field and want to become an RN . This master’s degree allows you to accelerate your career advancement.

A clinical instructor observes nursing students practicing with a patient mannequin through a one-way mirror, while taking notes at her workstation.

MSN-Nurse Educator

Choose this path if you have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and want to advance your education level and pursue a career in nursing education in either academia or a practice setting.

Healthcare professionals practicing emergency medical procedures on a patient simulator mannequin.


Choose this path if you are an associate degree RN and want to further your education and career possibilities in nurse leadership or education.

State of the Art Facilities

Donald and Martha DeWees Nursing Simulation and Collaboration Hub

Located within Doug and Nancy Hastad Hall

  • Five simulation rooms with adjoining control and observation rooms
  • State-of-the-art medical manikins and equipment
  • Four debriefing pods
  • Lecture space
  • Large laboratory/examination area equipped with hospital beds and exam tables
Henke Nursing Center

Henke Nursing Center

Located within Otteson Theatre and the Humphrey Memorial Chapel and Art Center

  • Nursing simulation laboratory
  • Classroom space
  • Computer lab
  • Nursing faculty offices

Augustine Prep Academy

  • Located at the high school
  • Nursing simulation laboratory
  • Classroom spaces
  • Student collaboration spaces
  • Nursing faculty offices

Health Care Partnerships - Designated Educational Units

Carroll University Department of Nursing partners with ProHealth Care and Froedtert Health to deliver a DEU model of clinical education.

The DEU is an Innovative clinical model to educate future nurses.

The goals of the DEU model are to:

  • enhance collaboration between nursing academia and professional practice.
  • encourage students to apply theory to practice, using professional nursing staff as clinical coaches (staff nurses).
  • increase learning opportunities by immersing students in the nursing role and the health systems culture in hopes they transition into the nurse’s role at the institution upon graduation, which addresses the nursing shortage.
  • expose staff nurses to the educator role to address the faculty shortage.

Latest Program News

A monochrome photograph of a modern, empty hospital room with a bed, various medical equipment, and a large window overlooking a building outside.

Carroll’s First ADN Graduating Class Thrives in the Classroom and the Workforce


Carroll University celebrated as proud faculty and staff witnessed the graduation of their inaugural Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) class.


Carroll to Begin New Partnership with St. Augustine Preparatory Academy


Carroll University is pleased to announce a new partnership in which its Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) will be offered on site at St. Augustine Preparatory Academy (known as “Aug Prep”), a high performing K4-12 non-denominational Christian school located on Milwaukee’s south side.

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