General Information | Library Help and FAQ

When is the Library open?

Consult the library's Hours page for opening and closing times. 

What is the Information Commons?

The Information Commons is the place on campus to come for help with research, finding resources, citing sources, and more. The space is equipped with 38 computers, printers (including a color printer), and a copier/scanner. Also available are three collaborative workstations for working on group projects. Lots of assistance is available in the Information Commons from specially trained Information Assistants to expert library staff. 

When is the Library Classroom open?

The Library Classroom is open based on availability. When library sessions are scheduled, the room is closed to the campus community. Faculty members interested in having their class use the classroom must contact the librarian for their course to arrange an information literacy session.

View this week's classroom schedule!

Where can I return my books if the Library is closed?

There are TWO book drops that can be used when the library is closed. One is located just outside the library's front doors. The second is located in the lobby of the Campus Center near the stairs to the lower level. Please feel free to use these book drops to deposit library materials after hours.

Are food and drinks allowed in the Library?

Users are expected to be responsible and adopt the “leave no trace” philosophy in their use of food and drink in the library by properly disposing of all trash, recycling whenever possible, removing any traces of food and drink, and cleaning all surfaces.

Food-Free and Drink-Free Areas

Where is the Library?

The library is located at the top of the hill, directly to your right as you climb the path coming up from the Otteson parking lot. The library sits between Ganfield and Shattuck Auditorium and directly across from Main Hall.

Where can I park when I am using the Library?

Anyone may park in the Otteson parking lot at the bottom of the hill between East and Barstow Avenues. You may then walk up the path past the Art Building, Van Male and Shattuck and turn right to get to the library at the top of the hill. Or, if there's space, you may park in the Campus Center parking lot on the other side of East Avenue and walk across the street to get to the library.

I lost my flash drive/umbrella/backpack/shoe... did anyone find it?

Items that are lost in the library are housed at the Circulation Desk for a limited time, then are turned over to the Info Desk at the Campus Center.

Where is the copy machine located? How much do photocopies cost? Can I scan to PDF?

A copier/scanner is available on the first floor of the library in the Information Commons. It copies in black and white and can scan to PDF in color.

Copies are 7 cents per page. We do not take cash for copies.

Scanning to PDF is free. Have your email address handy.

Faculty, staff and students must use your PiONEer Card with Carroll Cash or your department printing code.

Community members must purchase a guest card for $1 at the card vending machine near the main floor copy machine. The $1 charge for a guest card does not include any money for copies. You must also add cash for copies.

How much does it cost to print?

All library printers are part of the PioPrint program.

This includes:

Does the library have a 3D printer?

Yes! The library has a 3D printer for use by current Carroll students, faculty, and staff. Consult the library's guide to 3D Printing for the submission form and frequently asked questions.

For 3D printing, the library charges 10 cents per gram with a minimum charge of $1.00 per item. A PiONEer Card with Carroll Cash is the only accepted form of payment for individuals.

Does the library have a fax machine I can use?

No. The library does not have a fax machine. However, there is a fax machine located at the Information Desk in the Campus Center that students and staff are welcome to use for a small fee.

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