Food and Drink | Library Policies

The Carroll University Library's Food and Drink Policy is an effort to make the Library an inviting and comfortable place for study and research, while maximizing the continued value of the Library’s collections, equipment, and furnishings.

Users are expected to be responsible and adopt the “leave no trace” philosophy in their use of food and drink in the library by properly disposing of all trash, recycling whenever possible, removing any traces of food and drink, and cleaning all surfaces.


Food-Free and Drink-Free Areas

Instructors and other presenters will be allowed to have liquid in a spill-proof container for drinking near equipment.

This policy is adopted on a contingency basis and will continue so long as the library remains clean and attractive. Problems such as damage from spills, excessive loose trash, emergence of pests, etc. will force reconsideration of this policy.

Clean It Up!

Spills? All restrooms have paper towels. Library staff does not clean up after you.

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