Who is MyLibrarian? | Library Services

Did you know that each academic program on campus has a librarian dedicated to student and faculty success in that area? It's called MyLibrarian. MyLibrarian is an expert in their area(s) of study and can help students and faculty in a number of ways.

You may have seen MyLibrarian helping students or faculty in the Information Commons or holding sessions in the library's classroom. Maybe you've attended a class they held. In these classes, they make sure we know how to use the library's resources in order to do needed research or complete assignments. They also are always happy to meet with students and faculty one-on-one to demonstrate how to use databases, find resources, or make interlibrary loan requests.

This is really helpful for faculty who are conducting research or who may be seeking some ideas for class assignments that use the library. Faculty and students can also suggest items for addition to the library's collections.

Who is MyLibrarian? What's your subject area?

Barbara Ruggeri

bruggeri@carrollu.edu | 262.524.7674 | Office: Library 115 (Information Commons) | Profile

Joe Hardenbrook

jhardenb@carrollu.edu | 262.951.3022 | Office: Library 116 (Information Commons) | Profile

Nancy Bennett

nbennett@carrollu.edu | 262.650.4886 | Office: Library 203 (2nd floor) | Profile

Sue Riehl

sriehl@carrollu.edu | 262.650.4832 | Office: Library 117 (Information Commons) | Profile