Who is MyLibrarian? | Library Services

Did you know that each academic program on campus has a librarian dedicated to student and faculty success in that area? It's called MyLibrarian.

You may have seen your MyLibrarian helping students or faculty in the Information Commons or holding sessions in the Library Classroom. Your MyLibrarian is happy to meet with students and faculty one-on-one to talk about research, use the library catalog and databases, find resources, make interlibrary loan requests, and more.

This is really helpful for faculty who are conducting research or who may be seeking some ideas for class assignments that use the library. Faculty and students can also suggest items for addition to the library's collections. Find your librarian below!

Health Sciences Librarian - Vacant

Office: Library 115 (Information Commons)


Joe Hardenbrook

jhardenb@carrollu.edu | 262.951.3022 | Make an Appointment | Office: Library 111 (Circulation Office)

Joe Hardenbrook, Director of Library Services, serves as MyLibrarian for the subject areas listed below. He is responsible for overall administration and management of the library, including strategic planning, and supervision of access services functions. At Carroll since 2014, Joe is interested in active learning strategies, social media, user experience, and organizational leadership. He holds a BA from Ball State University, MLS from Indiana University, and a M.Ed. from Carroll University. Ask Joe about his Lego library!

Judith Carter

carterj@carrollu.edu | 262.650.4886 | Office: Library 203 (2nd floor)

Judith Carter, Electronic Resources/Systems Librarian, serves as MyLibrarian for the subject areas listed below. She coordinates all aspects of the library's electronic resources, including databases & journals, the discovery search engine, and the integrated library system. At Carroll since 2020, Judith is interested in information technology, collection assessment, and resource discovery. She holds a BSEd from Abilene Christian University and a MLS from the University of Arizona. Ask Judith about making beautiful objects with fire!

Meghan Dowell

mdowell@carrollu.edu | 262.650.4887 | Make an Appointment | Office: Library 116 (Information Commons)

Meghan Dowell, Teaching & Learning Librarian, serves as MyLibrarian for the subject areas listed below. She coordinates research assistance and information literacy sessions for the PioCore, manages the Curriculum Materials Collection, and 3D printing services. At Carroll since 2018, Meghan is interested in information seeking behaviors, information inequity, and asset-based education. She holds a BS from Portland State University and a MLIS from Long Island University. Ask Meghan about editing Wikipedia!

Sue Riehl

sriehl@carrollu.edu | 262.951.3210 | Make an Appointment | Office: Library 117 (Information Commons)

Sue Riehl, Public/Technical Services Librarian and Archivist, serves as MyLibrarian for the subject areas listed below. She coordinates technical services (acquisitions and cataloging), archives, and serves as backup for research assistance to the Teaching & Learning Librarian. At Carroll since 2004, Sue is interested in 19th century American history, Carroll history, and archival methods. She holds a BA, MA, and MLIS from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Ask Sue about old movies or 1960s music trivia!

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