Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate & Transfer

Carroll University offers completive scholarships for international undergraduate students. 100 percent of Carroll University students receive scholarship assistance, which helps them find a balance between studies, work and extra-curricular activities. Scholarships play a key role in maintaining Carroll's accessibility for all students.

Undergraduate Departmental/Talent Scholarships

Scholarship applications for students entering the Fall 2025 school year will open in early September 2024.

  • MacAllister Full Tuition Scholarship
    • Full tuition each year for four years.
    • Requires special application and on-campus interview. The recipient is not eligible for any other Carroll scholarships or grants.
  • Davies Otto Fellow Science Scholarship
    • ‚Äč$10,000 total; $2,500 renewable per year.
    • For students majoring in the sciences.
    • Requires special application and interview.
  • Yersin Business Scholarship
    • Varying renewable amounts.
    • Available to students majoring in accounting, business administration, business analytics, business economics, finance, healthcare administration, management and leadership, or marketing. 
    • Requires special application and interview.
  • Engineering Scholarship Program
    • $4,000–$20,000 total; $1,000–$5,000 renewable per year.
    • Available to students majoring in pre-engineering/applied physics.
    • Requires special application and interview.
  • William A. Ganfield Fellowship
    • $5,000 total; $1,250 renewable per year.
    • Available to students majoring in global studies, history, political science, and religious studies.
    • Requires special application.
  • Theatre Scholarships
    • Majors: $4,000 total; $1,000 renewable per year. 
    • Minors: $1,000 total; $250 renewable per year. 
    • Available to students majoring or minoring in Theatre or Musical Theatre. 
    • Requires special application.
  • Music Scholarship
    • Varying renewable amounts.
    • Music majors and non-majors are eligible.
    • Requires special application and audition.
  • Anne Hardy Art Scholarship
    • $1,750 three year total.
    • Available to students majoring in art or photography.
    • Requires special application and submission of an art portfolio.
  • Les Klug Photography Scholarship
    • $500 one year scholarship.
    • Available to students majoring in photography.
    • Requires special application and submission of photography portfolio.
  • Esports Scholarships
    • Varying renewable amounts. Up to $2,500.
    • This award is presented to incoming students who have shown excellent performance ability in a selected esport title.  
    • Based upon tryout (please email Head Esports Coach, Kris Pullam ( 
    • Available to all incoming students regardless of major.
  • Opportunity Scholarship
    • Varying renewable amounts up to full tuition.
    • Selection is based on candidate's potential to contribute to the cultural, ethnic, neurodiverse and socioeconomic diversity of Carroll's community.
    • Requires special application.

Additional Award

  • Hilger Tradition Award
    • $500 per year renewable
    • Available to children, grandchildren or siblings of alumni/current students; awarded at time of acceptance.
    • Applicable to tuition and fees only.

Additional Information

  • Unless otherwise noted, scholarships are renewable for four years as long as the student maintains full-time undergraduate status and maintains Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards.
  • A student is eligible for only one of these scholarships. However, an academic scholarship and additional awards can be received.
  • International students who are externally funded (e.g. by their government) may not qualify for Carroll University international student scholarships.
  • Permanent residents or other students who are FAFSA-eligible do not qualify for international student scholarships.
  • Carroll University does not offer financial assistance in the form of loans or need-based aid for international students.
  • If you would like to speak to an international admission counselor directly, fill out this form.


At Carroll, outside scholarships do not reduce the amount of gift aid you'll receive from the university.

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