Opportunity Scholarship

Application Deadlines: January 15, 2023 for round 1 / March 15, 2023 for round 2

The Opportunity Scholarship is a demonstration of how Carroll University employees, alumni, and friends gift to support the success of future Pioneers. This Scholarship serves as a lifeline for those students from backgrounds that are historically underrepresented in higher education and to help bridge that gap. Our goal at Carroll is to create a socially just organization for all and create multiple pathways to success.

Amount of Scholarship

Recipients of the Opportunity Scholarship will be awarded varying amounts up to full tuition. This benefit, in combination with any state or federal grants the recipient is eligible for, cannot exceed the cost of tuition. The recipients are not eligible for additional Carroll scholarships or grants.

Additional Financial and Social Support 

The Inspire Program offers academic support and sociocultural programming designed to promote engagement and leadership, leading to retention and graduation from Carroll. Agreeing to this program will provide an additional $500 in scholarship dollars. You will be required to participate in a summer bridge program and other events throughout the year. Interest in participating in the Inspire Program can be indicated on the scholarship application.

Conditions of Eligibility

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