George F. Kennan History Fellow Scholarship

Application Deadline: February 15, 2023

George F. Kennan, one of America's most distinguished statesmen, was born and educated in Milwaukee. He is known today as a master diplomat, a trusted presidential adviser, and an influential scholar. With his origins in Wisconsin and his record of service to his country, Kennan sets an example for liberally educated students to emulate. In recognition of Kennan's accomplishments, Carroll University has established the George F. Kennan History Fellowship program.

George F. Kennan History Fellowship Program

Each year, a small number of outstanding freshmen are invited by the Carroll University History Program to become Kennan fellows. Students selected for this prestigious program will enjoy a wide range of special learning opportunities:

Conditions of Eligibility

Students eligible to participate in the George F. Kennan History Fellowship Program will meet the following requirements:

The fellowship acceptance is based on a first-come first-serve basis for students who qualify. As soon as the prerequisite number of participants have confirmed, other applications will go on a waiting list in case additional funding becomes available.

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Individuals who are aware of outstanding high school students with interests in the field of history may nominate candidates for the Kennan History Fellowship Program by contacting:

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