Director of Special Education and Pupil Services Add-On License

This course is designed for administrators who already have their principal license seeking the #5080 Director of Special Education and Pupil Services (DSEPS) license for district or central office administration positions (e.g., directors, coordinators, etc.).

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Course Prerequisites:

Total Credits

8 credits

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Course Information


Courses and Dates (8 credits)

The following are meeting dates for the 2022-23 academic year.

Spring: Jan.14, Feb 4,5 Mar 4,5 Apr 1,2  May 6,7 (you will participate in these courses, but not pay. See EDL website)
Summer: Determined by Cohort

Required DSEPS Courses

Summer:  EDU686: Continuous Improvement in Education (3 credits)
Summer:  EDU632: Leadership in Special Education and Pupil Services (3 credits)

Required Practicum

Summer or Fall:  EDU635: Special Education Leadership Practicum (2 credits) Note: there is flexibility in when this begins and ends.

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