Education Hall

Carroll’s newly renovated Education Hall, re-opening for the fall, 2020, semester, offers cutting edge classrooms, quiet study areas and collaborative spaces that will help prepare you to be an effective, innovative educator. The building is the home to the School of Education and Human Services.

A 21st-century learning facility for 21st-century educators.
Education Hall Exterior
Education Hall First Floor Lobby

Building Features

Education Hall provides an exciting new backdrop for preparing future educators. The main floor holds three classrooms, faculty offices and a student workstation. Two adjoining classrooms are separated by a Skyfold wall that retracts to create one large classroom/event space. The top floor is home to a conference room and two classrooms, including a model classroom designed to mimic the real world teaching environments our students will experience when they begin working with Carroll’s partner school districts. The lower level includes a computer lab, spacious curriculum area, open space and a student break area with vending machines. Throughout the building, designers have created spaces for collaboration, creativity and study.
  • Model classroom
  • 16 faculty offices
  • Curriculum area
  • Study areas
  • Student workstation
  • Open space
  • Dean suite
  • Room for expansion
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A 21st-century learning facility for 21st-century educators.
Education Hall Exterior
A 21st-century learning facility for 21st-century educators.
Education Hall Exterior

Project Background

storm damage
A June 2019 severe storm ripped the roof from Education Hall and allowed water to inundate the basement of the building. The storm's silver lining? A fully renovated, 21st-century learning facility for Carroll's new School of Education and Human Services. 

Carroll University's newly renovated Education Hall, located at 326 N. Barstow Ave. in Waukesha, Wisconsin, has a long history of adapting to changing needs. The 1924-built, red and cream city brick building was originally built by Otis E. Glidden Co., a producer of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products, including Jiffy-Jell Gelatin Dessert. Carroll purchased the building in 1989, naming it the Barstow Building, and using it as an academic building. The building was renamed Education Hall following an exterior renovation in April 2017. 

On June 27, 2019, a severe storm with straight-line winds topping more than 70 miles per hour followed by heavy rainfall left the facility without a roof and flooded by water. While the storm left the building battered, and forced a one-year relocation of education classes into the basement of North Bergstrom Hall, it also opened a door to fast-track a key objective of Carroll's strategic plan—establishing (and housing) a new School of Education and Human Services

As a result of the storm damage, Education Hall required a complete renovation. Carroll President Cindy Gnadinger, education faculty and university staff got to work imagining a 21st Century building designed to facilitate the education of new teachers. The one-year renovation saw the 11,367-square-foot building's walls, floors and building systems completely reimagined, reconfigured and rebuilt. 

Dedicated and opened for classes in fall, 2020, Education Hall houses School of Education and Human Services programming. The school offers a variety of undergraduate programs for education students and multiple graduate programs for students seeking advanced degrees in teaching, educational leadership, adult education, and community and civic engagement. 

Home to Carroll's NewSchool of Education and Human Services

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