MBA in Business Analytics

Carroll University’s MBA in business analytics delves into cutting-edge technique and theory to empower your success in the age of big data. Information is power, but only once it has been corralled and understood. Carroll’s business analytics program is designed to meet the growing demand for managers able to master data analytics to meet and solve business challenges. You’ll emerge equipped with the skills and knowledge base to harness big data and make intelligent decisions. With Carroll, you’ll advance your career prospects and become a better leader, in as little as 22 months.

The amount of data is growing by an estimated 40 percent annually around the globe, and companies need skilled professionals to help them harness that information. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an above-average growth in jobs dealing with data analytics. Graduates with an MBA in business analytics find successful careers in finance, consulting, technology, health care, consumer products and the media and entertainment businesses. With this degree, you’ll be on the leading edge of this wave that’s about to transform business.

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The Carroll Business Analytics Emphasis

In Carroll’s business analytics program, you’ll select from electives courses specially aligned to your needs and interests. Take a deeper dive into the operational and supply chain management issues critical to many industries or focus in on data analytics, predictive analytics and modeling. As a MBA student, you'll be a member of the Carroll University Analytics and Business Intelligence Consortium increasing your opportunities to learn about the latest trends and expand your professional network.

MBA Curriculum

The Carroll MBA consists of eight graduate classes, plus a capstone applied business project (33 total graduate credit hours). Courses are offered in a convenient, eight-week format, so you can earn your MBA while you work. You may elect to complete two courses during the 16-week semester while being able to focus on each independently. You'll meet one evening per week in a traditional classroom setting, in addition to completing a flexible, online component for each course. The MBA includes a core curriculum of 8 courses dealing with topics such as economics, accounting, decision-making and business law. Your coursework will include practical, real-world examples that will immediately benefit you at work.

Value-Added Formats

Carroll’s MBA programs are delivered in a hybrid format or fully online.


In our hybrid MBA format you will learn from our dedicated, expert and hands-on faculty both in your classroom experiences as well as via online teaching and learning.


With a 100% online MBA, you'll benefit from a focus on individual attention, a hallmark of our MBA experience. Our faculty makes a priority of investing in your success. Choose to advance your career quickly through Carroll's accelerated MBA or move through the program on a timeline that works best for you.

Admission Requirements

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Analytics and Business Intelligence Consortium

Our NEW, innovative, membership-driven organization develops practical solutions in areas including applied analytics, data interpretation, business intelligence development and more.

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