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Do I need an undergraduate business degree in order to get my MBA?

No. Carroll University’s Master of Business Administration program is welcoming and encourages learners of all backgrounds. To enroll in Carroll University’s MBA program, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, in any major, and the successful completion of the following three courses (or by passing a CLEP exam in each subject):

  1. An introductory university-level statistics course
  2. An introductory university-level accounting course (financial or managerial)
  3. An introductory university-level economics course (micro or macroeconomics)

Why should I get an MBA?

A good MBA will provide you with the education necessary to help you advance in any profession. The Carroll advantage? You’ll get those opportunities to learn in a smaller, more collaborative setting where you’ll tackle real world challenges. You’ll work and learn alongside classmates from all different industries, backgrounds and walks of life. The Carroll MBA will develop your business portfolio and create and foster networking opportunities.

What can I do with an MBA?

An MBA degree can be used for a multitude of reasons, ranging anywhere from expanding an area of expertise, to developing yourself as a leader within your organization. The degree provides you a breadth of experience, ranging from subject knowledge to networking, that can allow someone to grow within their company, change their career, or find their first career.

How do I satisfy my prerequisites in order to begin earning my MBA degree?

You can meet your prerequisites several ways:

  1. By taking the course(s) at Carroll University prior to enrolling in MBA classes, or while concurrently enrolled in your first MBA course on a conditional acceptance
  2. By taking the course(s) at an institution other than Carroll University. Just be sure to consult the Carroll University Credit Equivalency Guides OR reach out to your Admissions Counselor
  3. By taking the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam for either the accounting or economics pre-requisite. Learn more about the CLEP exam.

How quickly can I get my MBA?

Carroll’s MBA program can be completed in as little as one year, but most students complete the program in two years at a comfortable pace.

Can I pause and return to Carroll to finish my degree?

Yes! The MBA program lets you complete courses at your own pace. We understand that everyone’s situation is different; some need to take time for family, some want to pick up an extra course in a semester. Our goal is to get you from point A to point MBA at the pace that fits your life!

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