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Exploring is the largest program on college campuses. By sheer numbers, more than 65% of American students are exploring—discovering and choosing among majors and career paths—during their college years. Carroll's Exploring Program aims to support you in that process. Academic advisors, faculty, and peer mentors will help you develop the skills of self-discovery—without wasting your time, money, or effort. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider this:
  1. There are no undecided students at Carroll.
  2. Nearly every student at Carroll is undecided. 
Both statements are true. 

Carroll doesn't label students as "undecided" because the whole point of education is to gather new information, master new skills, consider complex questions, and make decisions about how your learning will shape your future. 

At Carroll, we are Pioneers. And we want to help you develop the skills needed to make good decisions—and the courage to change your mind. 

Our Exploring Program will help you answer questions such as: 
Why am I here?
What do I care about?
What skills do I have?
What skills do I want?
What type of career do I want?
Where do I want to go?
How can I be purposeful in the exploration process?
Can I really earn a living doing something I love?
Who is going to help me?
What if I fail?
Don't I need a major to start college?
Won't I waste resources if I start college without declaring a major?

Start Exploring

Ready to get started? We offer many resources and tools to help you answer these questions, including personality, value and skills quizzes, databases that match your strengths and preferences to careers, articles on discovering your major and more. Get in touch with our helpful staff to start your journey!

For more information

Dr. Kimberly Redding, Exploring Program Faculty Coordinator 
Email: redding@carrollu.edu | Phone: 262.660.4894

Carly Goldsworthy, Exploring Academic Advisor
Email: cgoldswo@carrollu.edu | Phone: 262.524.7412

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