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In the year 2020, the Inspire Program was established to help incoming first year students that identified as first generation, limited income, and/or ethnically diverse. The program helped students with their transition to college and provided resources to promote their social and academic success here at Carroll University. As the program has expanded, students will receive peer mentorship, cultural enrichment, first-year transition programming. Students will also have the Opportunity to receive a scholarship in addition to the services listed. We welcome you to review our page and  learn more about our program.

Inspire Program
Inspire is a program under the Office of Intercultural and Diversity Engagement. We support incoming first year students that identify as first generation, limited income, and/or ethnically diverse. Our goal is to guide our students through their college experience by helping them connect with campus resources, create community, and cultivate leadership skills. 

The Inspire program strives to promote the growth of our students here at Carroll University. Through individualized support and collaboration with campus partners, we seek to retain our scholars through to graduation and help them with their post-graduation plan.

Program Benefits
  • Pioneer Bridge: 
    • Inspire students participate in this high school to college orientation transition program 1 week prior to the start of Fall move in and courses. 
  • Early Move-in:
    • Inspire students who choose to live on campus can move into their residence hall before other students 
  • Building Community
    •  Benefit from shared learning experience with you Inspire community
    • Students in the INSPIRE Program are members of a supportive community of peers and have access to peer mentors through Pioneer Bridge and CCS100.
    • Students engage in sociocultural programming throughout the various program components and are strongly encouraged to engaged in programming opportunities throughout campus and in the community.
  • Peer Mentorship: 
    • 1st year students will be paired with a peer mentor during the academic year for support 
  • Priority Registration​
    • Current INSPIRE Scholars can register on the first day of registration week each semester if they have been cleared by their academic advisor. Upon meeting with their academic advisor, they are cleared for registration.
  • Scholarship 
    • Opportunity Scholarship award recipients that opt into Inspire will receive an additional $500 in scholarship funds.
Conditions of Eligibility 
  • The applicant must be accepted to Carroll University as a full-time student for fall 2023 
  • First time first-year student
  • Must complete fully complete Opportunity Scholarship Application or Inspire Application to be considered for program 
  • Must demonstrate need for Inspire Programming (ex. first-generation student)
  • Must agree to complete all program requirements if accepted
Become an Inspire Scholar
There are two Pathways to become an Inspire Scholar: 
1. . Opportunity Scholarship  
Apply for the Opportunity Scholarship. If students opt into Inspire Program, and they receive the Opportunity Scholarship award, they will receive an additional $500 to their scholarship that is renewable.  There are 2 rounds of selection.  If students miss the rounds, or they are not selected, they can use anther process to become a part of the program. 

2. Inspire Program Application
Apply using the Inspire Program Application. Prospective first-year first time students will complete an Inspire Program Application by Friday, May 19,2023


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