Dig In with Dolores | December 2022

Author: Dolores Ocampo Brown '99, M.Ed. '10

Published Date: 12/6/2022

Categories: Alumni Communication

It was a beautiful fall evening on campus. The temperature was a perfect 67 degrees, as the leaves playfully danced their way to the grass on Main Lawn and the Quad.

While strolling through campus, I was mesmerized by the gorgeous sunset framing Hastad Hall. THUMP! My trance was suddenly broken by a startling commotion. I looked toward the sound and saw a student laying on the ground in front of the steps of Rankin Hall. With books, papers, and her backpack scattered in all directions in front of her, it appeared she had fallen down the concrete steps.  

What I witnessed after that was just as beautiful as the sunset. At the abrupt sound of the accident, many students immediately stopped in their tracks, turned around and walked toward the fallen student. Some helped her up while others picked up her dropped items. Then a few spoke with her, and they started slowly walking together. She seemed startled but overall okay. While I wasn’t a part of the immediate action and couldn’t hear what they were saying, I witnessed this display of community and care. That moment reminded me how often this happens in our Carroll community and made me proud of our Pioneers.  

As we enter the holiday season with blessings, love, fears, challenges, and troubles in the world, it is my hope that you all ignite, experience, witness, and feel that same sense of community and care with your circle of family, friends, and people you encounter.  

Thank you for being a part of this Pioneer community that genuinely cares for each other.  Thank you for continuously supporting your alma mater that enhances this sense of caring community. While the stone steps in our lives sometimes get in our way and might make you fall, it’s comforting to know that our Pioneers are here to pick you up.

Blessings to you and yours.

Panoramic View of campus