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Your time at Carroll was only the beginning of your journey. Starting the day after graduation, our 23,000+ alumni are making a difference in communities around the world. This section includes updates, news and stories about the individuals we're proud to call Carroll alumni family. 

2023 Commencement Ceremony - aerial view

2023 Commencement: A time for celebration and beginnings

713 undergraduate students became young alumni this past Saturday at our 177th Commencement ceremony. Sarah Brown Wessling, the 2010 National Teacher of the Year, opened the keynote speech by explaining to our students that this would be one of those moments where “beginnings and endings are so intertwined, it’s tough to know which one you’re feeling right now. Luckily, it isn’t one or the other. It is both. Read more...

Student Success: Anthony Sikorski

Student Success Story: Anthony Sikorski

Amazing. Beyond his years. Once-in-a-lifetime type person. Anthony Sikorski is deeply aware of all that life has to offer and, although extremely humble when given praise, is driven and passionate in a way that is unprecedented for an 18-year-old. Did we mention that he will be graduating from Carroll this May? By the time Anthony was in 6th grade, he had skipped enough grades to be 4 years younger than most of his peers and pioneered his way into college at the tender age of 14. We interviewed him at the beginning of his college career, and caught up with him recently as he nears graduation this May.

Alumna Dolores Ocampo Brown '99, M.Ed. '10

Dig In with Dolores | December 2022

This month Dolores Ocampo Brown '99, M.Ed. '10 reflects on the genuine care that the Pioneer community continuously shows to each other.

thank you! image

Thank a Donor Day 2022

Thank you for helping lighten the load for our students. Thanks for your support!

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