New Vice President for Finance and Administration, Paul Zinck

Author: Kelsey DeMarais '07

Published Date: 6/6/2022

Categories: Alumni Faculty and Staff

Paul Zinck
Paul is all business but in a lighthearted way. In a demanding role that oversees several areas of campus his strong, yet sensitive demeanor will serve him well as Vice President for Finance and Administration. Not to mention his 20-year military career which is evident in how he carries himself.

A self-prescribed accounting nerd, Paul is most looking forward to creating relationships across campus with staff, faculty, and students. During the pandemic, he learned the importance of human interaction in any role and how much he missed those daily interactions. He’s also looking forward to the exciting opportunities that await Carroll related to its campus master plan. “Our balance sheet is growing and continues to show growth. We have managed to control our budget, so we don’t drain resources. Additionally, we have kept a low debt profile while providing an affordable education for students.”

Paul’s inspiration cannot be limited to one person and credits many great mentors. He grew up in the military, which proved a revolving door of relationships, and he speaks of great fondness of his mother. “She inspired me because she was always very kind to people. I think that’s important. You can always be kind even when situations are difficult.”

Paul moved from the St. Louis, Mo. area so he’s looking forward to learning about the Waukesha/Milwaukee area and the adventures that he will have with his wife and dog.

Paul wants you, our alumni and donors, to know that while our institution is financially stable, we still need your help. The leadership of the institution is committed to the University’s growth, and we recognize that is only possible with the help of our network. “We are good stewards of our resources, in way of budget and finance. We always strive to do our best in providing an optimal experience for our students with the resources we have available.”

Paul is excited to be a part of the University’s continued growth and we are so fortunate to have a fiscally-minded and stewardship-driven leader in our finance and administration office.
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