Carroll honors educators at Celebrating Education event

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Published Date: 4/26/2018

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On Wednesday, April 18, 2018 during Celebrate Carroll, the university's annual academic achievement presentation showcase, several educators were honored at Celebrating Education. Celebrating Education honors individuals in Carroll's Education Department as well as professionals in the field who create and lead outstanding learning experiences for students. 

"The focus of this event is simple yet profound: we celebrate the contributions of educators and leaders who are inspiring the human minds and spirits of learners of all ages in classrooms, schools and communities," said Kimberly White, Chair of the Education Department. Carroll education faculty members reached out to educational partners across the region to ask for nominations of teachers and leaders who are making a positive impact in their organizations. Below are the Pioneers they brought forward and the awards they received. 

Photo of Pre-service Educator award winners

Promising Pioneer Awards

The Pre-service awards are to recognize outstanding Carroll students who show promise to make a significant impact in the field of education. 

  • Jordan Wolf, Pre-service Elementary
  • Andrew Wargin, Pre-service Secondary
  • Ted Zindars, Educational Studies
Photo of Early Career Educator award winners

Early Career Educator

The Early Career Educator award is presented to alumni educators within the first three years of their professional careers to recognize any combination of the following: positive impact on schools or communities, innovation in designing learning experiences and advocacy for students. 

  • Brenda LoPresti
  • Taylor McLean
  • Kaydi Ramon
  • Lizzie Simon Rink
  • Shaina Stengel
  • Jenelle Vogt-O'Driscoll*
Photo of Pre-service Educator Mentor award winner

Pre-service Mentor Educator

The Pre-service Mentor Educator award recognizes educators who have impacted the field of education through their leadership and mentoring of both students and teachers. 

  • Deborah Hembrook*
*Carroll University also honored Jenelle Vogt-O'Driscoll and Deborah Hembrook at the April 8, 2018 Wisconsin Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (WACTE) Fifth Annual Recognition of Outstanding Early Career Educators and Pre-Service Educator Mentors award ceremony in Madison, Wis. This year's ceremony honored 59 teachers from 30 institutions of education across the state were honored for their professional excellence. 
Photo of Early Career Leader award winners

Early Career Leader Nominees

This was the first year Carroll recognized Early Career Leaders with an award. The educators are nominated based on any combination of the following: positive impact the individual has on schools and communities, advocacy for students and positive leadership throughout the organization. 

  • Rachel Crockford
  • Jessica Ebert 
  • Laura Faust 
  • Rachel Hermann 
  • Colleen Hoyne 
  • Chad Krupar 
  • Jamie Martinson 
  • Lindsey Moore 
  • Melissa Moore 
  • Brian Schlei 
  • Jason Smith* 
  • Christina Sprader 
  • Kristen Swoboda 
  • Michelle Tranchita

*Jason Smith received the 2018 Early Career Leader award for his contributions as an Associate Principal of eAchieve Academy in the School District of Waukesha.

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