Cross-Cultural Experience

Financial Aid

Carroll’s cross-cultural experiences don’t have to break the bank. Carroll grants approximately $300,000 in funds each year to support cross-cultural immersion experiences through the CCE award. In recent years, students have received between 20–40% of the cost of their experiences through scholarships and grants. Contributions from Carroll alumni also support student expenses for CCE programs. External scholarships are available to students as well.

Complete Your FAFSA Application

Students must complete the required FAFSA application to be considered for financial aid. The Office of Financial Aid will inform students of their total financial aid package. Depending on your type of CCE, you may be able to use your federal and state aid, institutional scholarships and outside scholarships. Upon acceptance to your program, you will receive specific information related to costs and financial aid.

Fill out your FAFSA

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Carroll University offers two award opportunities for CCEs. Students may also apply to outside scholarships.

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Cross-Cultural Experience Award

The Cross-Cultural Experiences (CCE) Award was established to support students participating in a cross-cultural experiences such as study abroad, NCE, CCS300 and other approved cross-cultural studies courses. All students are automatically considered for the CCE Student Award, a need-based grant that can cover a significant portion of course cost (based on your FAFSA).

Carroll Course CCEs

Carroll Course CCEs CCS300 and NCE Courses  

The costs for Carroll course CCEs vary and generally include airfare, accommodations, admission fees and most or all meals. Once a student has been accepted to a Carroll course CCE, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a space in the course. The entire course cost must be paid no later than 30 days prior to the travel portion of the course. Carroll course CCE credits are included in fall and spring tuition. 

Study Abroad CCEs

Exchange Programs

Students selected to participate in an exchange program pay Carroll tuition and a study abroad fee of $360. Students will receive their Carroll financial aid packages which includes Carroll University scholarships, and federal and state financial aid. Students will pay room and board expenses to the host university directly.

Affiliated Programs

Students selected to participate in an affiliated program do not pay Carroll tuition. Instead they pay the affiliated program’s tuition on their Carroll account, and a study abroad fee of $360. They may receive a portion of their Carroll financial aid packages (excluding Carroll University scholarships) and will pay room and board expenses to the host university.

Unaffiliated Programs

Students approved to participate in an unaffiliated program pay all program fees directly to the study abroad institution and a $360 study abroad fee to Carroll. In some cases, students can use federal and state aid towards unaffiliated programs. Because students are 100 percent responsible for the program costs, the CCE Student Award is not applicable. Contact the study abroad adviser in the Office of General Education for more information on these programs.

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