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We Help You Build a Strong Foundation From the Start

If you plan to go on to graduate or professional school to pursue an advanced degree in the health sciences, you may think your choice of an undergraduate major might be limited. You may be surprised. There is no "right" major… only the "perfect major for you". Our pre-health advisors will help you choose an undergraduate major you’re passionate about and will excel in. This may or may not be in a health-related area. 

(This is true for all pre-health programs EXCEPT for Carroll’s 3+3 DPT and 3+2 AT programs where students must choose from an approved list of majors). 

Our pre-health tracks include the requirements of your undergraduate major, in addition to courses associated with the particular track. Those courses are designed to satisfy some prerequisite requirements for admission to professional/graduate school.


We Offer a Distinct Advantage You Won’t Find Elsewhere  

We’re invested in preparing you for academic success—at Carroll and beyond. Built into all our health sciences programs, Carroll provides access to an invaluable resource—a team of experienced pre-health academic advisors. Our advisors take into account your personal, academic and career goals to help you develop a clear plan of action. You’ll benefit from their expert advice, as well as numerous activities that advance your learning in the classroom. You’ll also become part of a peer community that meets for special sessions, events and networking opportunities. 

Our knowledgeable pre-health advising team will help you: 

  • Decide which health care profession is the right fit 
  • Select an appropriate undergraduate major and prerequisite course work 
  • Find opportunities for undergraduate research with faculty mentors 
  • Navigate the highly competitive graduate school application process 


We Partner With Other Institutions to Create Additional Pathways for Our Students

Carroll offers early admission through partnerships with the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) and Rosalind Franklin University (RFU). That means you could have your plans in place as early as the end of your freshman year at Carroll.

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