Pre-Physical Therapy

With growing trends such as select sports and increasing lifespan in the general population, the need to assist others with rehabilitation, injury prevention, health maintenance and wellness advocacy continues to rise. Physical therapists are essential members of the healthcare community who treat a variety of conditions, from helping a person after a stroke learn to walk again to working with a marathon runner who may have injured themselves during a race.

About Pre-Physical Therapy

With Carroll University’s pre-physical therapy program, your path to a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree is quick and flexible. You can choose from a wide variety of undergraduate majors and, in most sequences, complete your DPT here in just six years. There are many reasons to consider earning your degree from Carroll University, including our program’s two-year board exam pass rate (2016-2017) of 99.35 percent and job placement rate of 98.61 percent within six months of graduation (2016-2017).

The profession consistently ranks toward the top of the list in healthcare career opportunities. Positions are in high-demand and that is predicted to grow considerably over the next decade.

At Carroll, you’re empowered to decide which approved major best fits your path toward a career in physical therapy. We offer eleven majors that are approved for physical therapy direct admission students. Direct admission provides selected incoming freshmen matriculating directly out of high school with a guaranteed seat in the graduate level of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program (DPT).

Adding a minor to complement your main field of study is optional and not required. If you choose to add one, suggested minors include:

Each major offers a common core of pre-physical therapy pre-requisite courses, providing you with the foundation needed for DPT graduate school. Our physical therapy program also offers an accelerated time to completion for all nine approved majors. The accelerated time to completion allows students to complete both their bachelor’s and DPT degrees in a total of six years as opposed to seven.

And, regardless of whether you’re planning to attend graduate school at Carroll or another institution, all of our pre-physical therapy students receive specialized advising to ensure they’re on the right track to completing their goals and earning their degree.

Beyond courses in your field of study, a benefit to attending Carroll is participating in our required cross cultural experience component. These experiences allow you to learn about different cultures and give you the opportunity to travel and interact with diverse groups locally, nationally or internationally. Students majoring in the health sciences can use their cross-cultural experience to gain additional knowledge in healthcare. Groups travel on medical missions around the globe to provide care and interact with underserved populations in countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Nicaragua. These unique immersive experiences will make you a desirable applicant for graduate programs or professional careers.

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