Artificial Intelligence minor

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming many aspects of our lives, in terms of how we work, play and function in the world around us. We work with smart devices, digital assistants, unprecedented medical diagnostics, product recommendations, smart navigation systems, AI vacuum cleaners, self-parking and self-driving vehicles, email smart replies, AI bots, and tools for analyzing volumes of data. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, around 85 million jobs may be lost to AI by 2025, while 97 million new roles may emerge requiring AI skills. Every undergraduate will most likely encounter AI in their career experiences whatever their field, and so can benefit from this program. A goal of this AI minor is to equip students with current AI tools essential to incorporate AI technologies into a breadth of application areas, thereby appealing to all disciplines and major fields of study.

Program Outcomes

Upon graduation, students who successfully complete the minor will have demonstrated an ability to:
  1. Articulate the advantages and disadvantages of AI systems.
  2. Utilize applicable tools and Python to implement rudimentary AI conversational systems, prediction systems, classification systems, text analysis, sentiment and emotion analysis, machine learning applications, and robotic technologies.
  3. Utilize Python and associated AI tools and library code modules to solve classical AI challenges including knowledge representation, search strategies, reasoning, and recognition.
  4. Critique an AI model to determine its fairness and transparency.
  5. Identify and articulate the ethical issues involved with an AI system.
  6. Articulate the successes and limitations of artificial intelligence by examining its progress and aspirations throughout its history as well as its projected future.
  7. Demonstrate an appreciation of the wide applicability of AI at present.
  8. Work as a team member in a small group to utilize AI tools to address cross-disciplinary AI projects.

This minor pairs well with

The Artificial Intelligence minor is a great addition when paired with the following majors:


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