Actuarial Science

Actuaries use strong mathematical skills to help businesses make strategic decisions related to risk management. Actuaries determine what insurance companies charge individuals for life, auto, home and other types of insurance. They assist companies in developing retirement plans. They work with banks to efficiently manage assets and liabilities. Actuaries are problem solvers who seek to reduce negative impacts associated with unfavorable events.

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About the Actuarial Science Major

Actuary is consistently ranked among the top jobs in the United States.

Actuaries are professionals who analyze financial risks of future events. Trained in mathematics, statistics, economics and finance, actuaries quantify these risks by building and evaluating mathematical models. Such analyses are essential for the success of businesses in areas such as insurance, investment and employee benefits. Actuaries are in high demand and command excellent salaries. It’s a growing field that offers job security, opportunities to advance quickly and the ability to work in a variety of industries.

Prepared to achieve? Our program puts a focus on you. Our results are impressive.

Carroll University offers small classes with the benefits of personal attention. You’ll really get to know your professors and fellow classmates. Our core courses prepare you to successfully complete the first four actuary exams, making our program competitive with those found in larger institutions.

You’ll receive a broad and in-depth background in mathematics, statistics, finance and economics. Our program covers topics such as financial-economic models and their application to insurance and other financial risks. You’ll learn about fundamental probability tools in relation to actuarial science and how accounting data aids in management decision making. As an actuarial science major, you’ll develop logical thinking, quantitative reasoning and deductive analyses that will give you a competitive start in the profession.

Our students have established a remarkable record of success. Nearly all of those who complete the major have a job in the profession or a related profession upon graduation, often related to a full-time internship experience. The major develops skills that are useful in a wide variety of careers. Carroll partners with local companies to offer paid internships, including 100 hours of paid time to study for actuarial science exams.

Special features

  • Professors teach all classes; there are no teaching assistants.
  • Students have the opportunity to staff the mathematics center and tutor other students.
  • Students are prepared to take four exams, making Carroll competitive with all other programs.
  • Carroll's location ensures numerous social, cultural, internship and career networking opportunities.
  • Nearly all students with exams passed and an internship experience have an entry-level actuary job in hand before graduation.


In addition to the major, Carroll offers a minor in actuarial science that complements many areas of study:


Carroll University has established educational partnerships with Milwaukee-based Milliman, Northwestern Mutual and Oliver Wyman. These high profile companies offer full- and part-time internship opportunities to our actuarial science majors. Benefits include:

  • Up to 16-credits can be earned in paid internships
  • An authentic experience in the actuary profession
  • Full-time internships offer 100 hours of paid study time during the internship to allow students to study for their next actuarial exam

Additional recent internship locations include:

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • American Family Insurance
  • Liberty Mutual 
  • Pacific Life


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