Linda Hensel '21

Major: Physical and Health Education
Minors: Coaching

What made you choose this major?

I chose this major after taking my first physical education class during the fall semester of my sophomore year. During the winter break I was working in a basketball program with 4k/5k students and I realized that I wanted to work with kids in an environment like physical education.

What is your career objective?

My career objective is to work in an elementary school and coach basketball at a middle school level.

How has what you’ve learned prepared you for your future?  

My courses have given me a lot of insight into how to teach physical education and how to think on the fly if needed. Being able to do field experiences and service-learning opportunities has allowed me to practice the skills that I’ve learned in my courses. These experiences have built my confidence so I’ll be more ready and prepared for a career in education.

Carroll is known for small class sizes and personal attention from faculty. How has this impacted your education?

Through my education at Carroll, I’ve been able to start networking with people and developing new relationships. I have no doubt that by the time I graduate, I will have many people I can go to for advice, career opportunities, and more.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had in your education at Carroll?

My favorite experience would have to be the first PED class I took. In this class, I was able to be myself around my peers and the environment was very relaxed. The PED classes are really unique and they demonstrate a cool approach to education that I hadn’t seen before.

How has Carroll enriched your growth as a person?

Carroll fosters an environment of exploring different majors and minors to really find out what you enjoy. The opportunity to explore is how I found the major that I’m passionate about. Without Carroll’s opportunity to discover different majors and career options, I would’ve ended up in a field that wasn’t my top choice.

If you were recommending your major to a prospective student, what would you tell them?

I would tell them that there is never a dull moment because you get to have a lot of the same people in your classes, meaning you have a lot of opportunities to develop friendships. It also means that you really get to be yourself in your courses. Also, your professors really get to know you and they can help you figure out your future.

How has financial aid made a difference in your life?

My financial aid has made a huge impact on my life. It really helped me make my decision to attend Carroll. Also, having a work study through Carroll allows me to get to know other people on campus that I wouldn’t normally have interacted with.

What’s your favorite place to study on campus?

My favorite place to study would have to be in Stone Creek Coffee. It’s nice because I need some background noise to work best and I can get plenty of coffee while studying.

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