Akshaya Nagasunder '19

Majors: Business Administration and Finance
Minor: Biochemistry

What made you choose this major?

The world of business has always been fascinating for me. To me, each business is like a machine; there are many parts involved in order for the machine to run smoothly. Business administrators are at the center of the operation; they do the heavy lifting that allows a workplace to function. I want a career involved in finance as well. Finance isn’t just about number crunching; one must be outgoing, inquisitive, good at math and be able to communicate with people on a variety of subjects. Finance opens up many workplace opportunities, such as banks, government agencies, stockholders, suppliers, etc.

How has what you’ve learned prepared you for your future?

The question many students ask their teachers is, “How is this topic going to help us in our daily lives?” I’ve asked myself the same question many times. Business has taught me to be a more outgoing person and be able to make new connections and create good relationships with others. Finance has taught me a lot about money that I didn’t know before. My father, who is an accountant, takes care of everything related to money. With the job that my father does, I was curious to learn the ins and outs of money and how I could use it in my daily life from earning, saving, investing, spending, etc.

What opportunities have you had to work closely with a faculty member and what impact has that had on your education?

Based on my experience, in general, Carroll’s small class sizes help students in receiving personal attention from the faculty. However, the most important relationship I’ve built so far is with Nicole Davis, director of cultural diversity. Every day, she does her best to make sure that the minority students on campus don’t feel left out. She’s my friend and mentor and gives me the opportunity to be more confident with myself. She gives me the right kind of advice in order to keep me going in college. I am also part of her leadership and mentoring program on campus. This program benefits me because I learn what it’s like to be a leader outside of class, and make new connections with other students and staff. Aside from learning leadership skills, I get the chance to mentor other students within the program.

What’s the most unique experience you’ve had relating to the coursework in your major?

My economics lectures. Economics is a theoretical class and quite dry. Why would this class stand out to me? There is only one reason for that question, the professor, Dr. Carol Tallarico. She not only teaches economics but she finds ways to tailor topics for college students. She uses her personal experiences and anecdotes in order to convey topics. She keeps the class interesting and there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t laughed in class. The techniques she uses in lectures will also be beneficial for my future.

How has Carroll enriched your growth as a person outside of the skills you’re learning in the classroom?

When trying to choose which student organizations to be part of, I tried to pick ones that didn’t involve my major. I took part in Students of Cultural Knowledge (SOCK) and the Carroll radio station (WCCX). Being a part of SOCK meant embracing cultural diversity and being able to share it with others. Being a part off Carroll’s radio station was a bit overwhelming at first. But I was able to team up with another student and start a jazz radio show. I don’t usually listen to jazz music but I went in with zero expectations and now I love it. I’ve learned a lot about music, specifically jazz and the musicians involved in this genre. Now I listen to jazz while I’m doing homework and when I just want to relax.

Why did you choose to attend Carroll University?

First and foremost, I wanted to be close to family. Second, the campus is located in a quaint area of downtown Waukesha, so it’s not as busy as it would be in a city. Third, Carroll is known for its small classes and receiving personal attention from faculty. This is a big reason to why I chose Carroll. I prefer the reduced class size and having faculty and staff know who a person is as an individual. Thereby, they know your strengths and weakness. Another advantage to attending Carroll is all the help that’s offered to students; if you’re taking a historically difficult course there is supplemental instruction that‘s provided and tutors for certain courses, as well. There are also ‘go-to’ people for academic advising, career services and student activities. Carroll provides many opportunities for students to graduate and be successful in their future careers.

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“Business administrators are at the center of the operation; they do the heavy lifting...”

—Akshaya Nagasunder '19

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