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Workshops Designed for Active, Shared Learning 
The Teaching Commons aims to offer workshops that provide lasting value for Carroll educators by strengthening our teaching community, expanding your knowledge of teaching practices, and sharing tools and strategies you can apply immediately in your teaching. The following are the upcoming workshops we'll be offering.

Student-Ready Instructor Series

May 2023
Facilitators: Kristen Trader & Ya-Huei Lu

The Student-Ready Instructor workshop series offers faculty the opportunity to explore and apply strategies in assessment, engagement, and instruction that both address persistent concerns about helping students to achieve outcomes and the growing need to meet students where there are as learners. As part of the broader Carroll mission to be a student-ready university, each workshop focuses on steps instructors can take to help all Pioneers thrive during their education at Carroll.

The series is also accompanied by the Student-Ready Teaching Community exclusively for workshop participants interested in regularly meeting for personalized advice and problem solving as they implement student-ready strategies in their courses.

digital badge for credential

Participants may also earn a badge for each workshop and a stackable credential for the whole series through Carroll's Compass Credentials. Information on these credentials will be provided at the workshops.

Workshops in the Series

Assessing All Pioneers
Rethink assessment as a student-centered account of learning and strategically revise assignments to better align student performance with expectations.

Engaging All Pioneers
Reimagine class discussion as community building and consider strategies for actively learning lecture content - plus learn about some tools that can support these engagement efforts.

Guiding All Pioneers
Scaffold learning to meet students where they are and use evaluation as a form of individualized instruction to help students meet outcomes.

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