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Workshops at The Teaching Commons are designed for active, shared learning. We aim to provide workshops that provide lasting value by strengthening our teaching community, expanding your knowledge of teaching practices, and sharing tools and strategies you can apply immediately in your teaching. 

We are eager to host workshops on campus when we can safely congregate and learn together. We're also excited to experiment with you, using new platforms and tools for synchronous meeting and collaborating. As we plan our workshop schedule for 2021, we'll aim for flexible delivery models and multiple modalities that accommodate our changing environment(s). 
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Equity-Minded Teaching: Stackable Credential

Workshops facilitated by Kristen Trader.

In Spring 2022, all faculty and staff who teach are invited to earn a credential in equity-minded teaching practices across a series of badged workshops. Each workshop is focused on a different aspect of teaching approached intentionally through the lenses of equity and inclusion. Participants begin by completing a self-paced online module that introduces the workshop focus and starts the professional development process. Then you'll join your colleagues for a workshop that build son that work, helping you apply equity principles and educator practices to your own teaching.

You can attend one, some, or all of these workshops. You can earn a badge for each one by completing the online module and attending the workshop. If you complete all 4, you will earn a credential for the full  series. More information will be provided about credentialing as the Spring term draws nearer.

Workshop Schedule:

Becoming an Anti-Racist Educator
January 11  @  10:00-12:00 (Tuesday) 

This workshop covers how to design assessments that are transparent, inclusive, and accessible in order to fairly and equitably evaluate student learning and the achievement of course outcomes. Please complete the associated e-module before attending the workshop.


Cultivating an Inclusive Community
February 16  @  2:00-4:00 (Wednesday) 

This workshop focuses on becoming more anti-racist in your teaching practices in order to mitigate biases and institutional inequities that have been shown to hinder learning and retention for students of color. Please complete the associated e-module before attending the workshop.

Designing for Meaningful Learning
March 9  @  10:00-12:00 (Wednesday)

This workshop focuses on ways of creating a more inclusive learning climate in your classes in order to promote relationships with and among students that prioritize dignity, belonging, and respect. Please complete the associated e-module before attending the workshop.


Crafting Equitable Assignments
April 12  @  2:00-4:00 (Tuesday)

This workshop presents backwards design as an intentional approach to developing learning experiences in order to guide students toward achieving meaningful outcomes and gaining relevant competencies. Please complete the associated e-module before attending the workshop.

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