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Welcome to The Teaching Commons, a virtual resource for all Carroll community members interested in enhancing their pedagogical practice and technology integration to meet any educational goal.

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Instructional Design Services

Our instructional designers offer consultation and feedback on pedagogical practices and technology integration as you continue to explore new strategies for facilitating learning - not only for students but for faculty and staff as well.

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Spotlights on Teaching

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Foregrounding Student Strengths and Creative Bravery


“Use Your Brain. Be Creative. Be Brave.” This phrase appears in all of Jennifer Dobby’s syllabi and speaks to the core of her award-winning teaching. Across her courses, Professor Dobby creates learning environments that are comfortable enough for students to “speak bravely, act bravely, and learn about themselves bravely.” This year, Carroll University celebrates Professor Dobby’s teaching by honoring her with the 2021 Norman and Louise Allhiser Award for Teaching Excellence.

Dr. Scott Hendrix

Moving Beyond the Comfort Zone: Mentoring Honors Students


Last year, students taking the Honors course History 225: Medieval Europe, China, and the Islamic Crescent experienced the empowerment that comes from guiding their own learning: they decided what was important to talk about, led discussions themselves, and had ample class time for lively, engaging interactions. Why? Because their instructor believed in them.

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