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Welcome to The Teaching Commons, a virtual gathering space for Carroll community members interested in teaching and learning in higher ed

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Equity in the
College Classroom

Educating Ourselves as Educators 

What does it mean to be an educator in Wisconsin? How has structural racism normalized itself in our education systems? How can we educate ourselves as educators? Equity in the College Classroom weaves together a diversity of voices, stories, and counter-stories from faculty, instructors, and students from each of Wisconsin's systems of higher education.


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A social, collaborative learning app for our students 

CircleIn is the place where students study remotely, where they collaborate, where they chat, and where they stay productive. Students study together just like they would on campus or in the library, but online, and with a much larger community. 

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Spotlights on Teaching

Dr. Scott Hendrix

Moving Beyond the Comfort Zone: Mentoring Honors Students


Last year, students taking the Honors course History 225: Medieval Europe, China, and the Islamic Crescent experienced the empowerment that comes from guiding their own learning: they decided what was important to talk about, led discussions themselves, and had ample class time for lively, engaging interactions. Why? Because their instructor believed in them.

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Trust & Technology: Celebrate Carroll Goes Virtual


The pandemic required students and faculty to quickly find new ways to learn and collaborate, and to discover new ways of using familiar technologies. Only weeks into our first lockdown, Celebrate Carroll 2020 went virtual using Canvas as a platform, giving students and faculty the chance to experiment while deepening their learning...and their trust in each other.

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