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Looking to learn more? The following sections link to annotated bibliographies of readings and resources to deepen your teaching practices. These collections are works in progress, so please email us to suggest additional sources we can add to each.

Outcomes-Based Design

Learn more about how to design learning experiences to achieve specific learning goals and guide learners to meet those goals for long-term competency.

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Assessment & Grading

Learn more about the art and science of assessing learning and grading practices that reflect authentic learning and commitments to equity.

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Engaged & Active Learning

Learn more about how to engaged students in the learning process, the impact of active learning on student success, and various strategies for making your courses more lively.

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Equitable & Inclusive Teaching

Learn more about the need for and impact of inclusive teaching practices that foreground empathy, student sense of belonging, and accessibility so all students have a chance to succeed.

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Online/Hybrid Design

Learn how to modify course designs, assessments, and lesson plans for online and hybrid learning to achieve outcomes within fully asynchronous or mixed modality courses.

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Technology Integration

Learn more about integrating educational technologies into your teaching practices to promote student engagement and facilitate learning.

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