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Communities of Practice

The Teaching Commons facilitates collaboration and cooperation among groups of instructors who want to pursue a particular topic in greater depth as a Community of Practice (CoP). 

While the focus and direction of CoPs are up to members, the Teaching Commons team will support your work by promoting CoPs to departments across the university; creating virtual meeting spaces; establishing new CoPs and processing registrations for existing ones; providing expertise in instructional design, instructional technology, library resources, and other areas as appropriate; and sharing updates and outcomes with the broader CU community.

If you'd like to join, or start, a Community of Practice, please email us

Equity-Minded "Small Teaching"

For this Teaching Commons Community of Practice (CoP), faculty and staff are invited to join in a series of book club-style meetings where we will discuss James Lang's Small Teaching through the lens of equity and inclusion.

Small Teaching draws on cognitive research and evidence-based practice to identify small but important techniques instructors can use to increase learning and engagement for students. In this CoP, our group will work through Dr. Lang's insights both as easy-to-use strategies and as steps towards more equity-minded teaching to help all Carroll students succeed.

To join this CoP and get a free copy of the book, email Kristen Trader.

Who is invited to join?

Any member of the Carroll teaching community.

What does this CoP ask of you?

Community members commit to attending meetings regularly; supporting each other as fully as possible; and maintaining a focus on progress over perfection. 

Proposed Schedule (Subject to Change)
Each month we will read and discuss 1-2 chapters from the book. To accommodate different teaching schedules, each monthly meeting will be offered twice: on a Wednesday at 12:00 and on a Thursday at 1:00.


October 6 (12:00) / October 7 (1:00)
MacAllister Board Room (in the Campus Center)

Introduction to Small Teaching; Chapter 1: Predicting 

November 17 (12:00) / November 18 (1:00)

Chapter 2: Retrieving; Chapter 3: Interleaving

January 19 (12:00) / January 20 (1:00) 

Chapter 4: Connecting; Chapter 5: Practicing

February 9 (12:00) / February 10 (1:00)

Chapter 6: Explaining

March 23 (12:00) / March 24 (1:00)

Chapter 7: Belonging; Chapter 8: Motivating

April 20 (12:00) / April 21 (1:00)

Chapter 9: Learning; Conclusion

Research & Creative Practice Groups

This community of practice (CoP) is designed to sustain the intellectual, social, and professional development of Carroll community members who are deepening their disciplinary expertise through scholarly and/or creative practices. The CoP creates a safe space for 3-5 colleagues to cooperatively set goals, hold each other accountable, identify and reduce barriers, and celebrate successes as they work on projects that advance their careers. The ideal CoP will be interdisciplinary, inclusive, and responsive to its members. 

Who is invited to join?
Any member of the Carroll employee community who is working on a project for publication, presentation, performance, etc, including new curriculum development. 
What does this CoP ask of you?
Groups are intended to be autonomous, so are responsible for establishing a meeting schedule and managing logistics (ie, notes, agendas, etc.). Group members commit to attending meetings regularly; supporting each other as fully as possible; and maintaining a focus on progress over perfection. The Teaching Commons will provide a set of guidelines you can use and adapt to your group’s needs, and can support you with your initial needs for facilitation, tech set-up, etc. 
If you're interested in joining a CoP for this purpose, please email us. 
Erin Taylor is coordinating the establishment of new groups for the academic year 2021-22.

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