School is Changing.
So is Studying.


CircleIn is the place where students study remotely, where they collaborate, where they chat, and where they stay productive. Students study together just like they would on campus or in the library, but online, and with a much larger community. 

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We don't know what this academic year will bring. 

We do know that our students are craving human connection and are eager to learn with you and with each other. CircleIn can help students stay connected while they're learning, no matter where they are when they're studying.

This faculty hub is your one-stop shop for the support and resources you need to help your students make the most of their collaborative learning. 
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Let CircleIn do (some of) the heavy lifting.  

The app is designed for student interaction. CircleIn's student-centered model is peer driven and designed to be "hands-off" for faculty. Meanwhile, both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators keep students engaged and productive.

For those who want it, CircleIn provides faculty dashboards of your courses so you can see the kinds of questions students are asking and how they're answering them. You can then use this information to tailor your follow-up discussions, test-prep, etc.  

This five-minute video is a quick overview when you're ready to share CircleIn with your students. Show it in class and/or link to it in your Canvas site. 


CircleIn can help foster deeper connections among students and Supplemental Instructors, Orientation Mentors -- or any student functioning as a peer educator. Peer educators can use the app to connect with all their students through a single chat or single document upload, host video chat sessions, and even help students prepare for exams or significant assignments by creating a single set of flashcards for all students to use. 

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Go with the (Work)Flow

In addition to helping each other study, students can use CircleIn to manage all their tasks and assignments in their own personal workflow: moving tasks to track their progress, using reminders and due dates, and using the calendar-, board-, and list-views to personalize their flow.  

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Connected. Engaged.

CircleIn's NSF-backed model utilizes gamification elements to empower students to stay productive, stay connected, and always get the help they need. CircleIn reinforces positive student study habits through a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

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