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Published Date: 4/21/2020

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When the global coronavirus abruptly closed restaurants, stores and other institutions (including our own) across the state, nation and globe in mid-March, a number of Carroll University international students were unable to return to their home countries. Since that time, they've continued to live safely in a Carroll University residence hall—albeit disconnected from family and friends. The Office of Global Education, and its director Megan Couch, are asking the Pioneer family to take a moment to brighten these student's day with an email or two of support and comfort. A few staff members have offered to share their letters with you, in a hope that it inspires you to write a message

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Debra Brezovar  |  Todd Wehr Memorial Library

At the start of this fall semester, I was feeling sad and lonely because my daughter had just started college in Missouri, six hours away, and my son returned to his college in Minnesota, five hours away, and our house was very quiet with just our youngest daughter at home. One of my student workers in the library (who is an international student) asked me how I was doing and I explained to him that I was feeling sad. When I finished, I looked at him and thought, here I am complaining that my children are five and six hours away, and his entire family is in another country! I asked him how he deals with being away from family and he said, “Family is in your heart. It doesn’t matter where you are living, family is always with you.” I learned so much from him that day—and I think about what he said every time I am feeling lonely. 

Krista Curler  |  Office of Academic Affairs

Hi there!

I hope you’re doing well during these unsettling times. It’s admittedly one thing to be stuck inside in your home; something else entirely to be huddled up away from loved ones. Please know you’re in our hearts; we think of you often as we bide the time until we can gather in person as a community. We wish you peace and hopefully some comforting virtual access to those you miss. As you engage with new learning platforms and push through the semester, we celebrate the creative ways you’ve persisted while finding ways to help yourselves and others.

Sending you copious well wishes. 

Hang in there. You are brave and awesome—you are celebrated. 

All the best.

Jake Eisch  |  Office of Violence Prevention

We are starting another week of what continues to be a time of quarantine, social distancing and being safer at home. With another Monday comes another reminder of how abnormal and atypical this time is for all of us, but I am especially reminded of you. 

The joys of working at Carroll University come in the form of being able to work with students—to hear your stories, learn from your experiences and to come together to create a community that is fed through enriching experiences, laughs and challenges that help us grow. These times where we cannot be together have certainly changed the way we do so. 

While we are not able to cross paths on the sidewalks, in the Campus Center, at events or in the DEI Lounge—know that we are thinking of you and remain available to you. If you have any questions, concerns or are struggling in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Be well, stay healthy, stay connected and Go Pios!

Nicole Larson  |  Office of Academic Affairs

So sorry you can’t be with your loved ones during this very challenging time. Please just know that however you’re feeling, it is okay to feel that way! I hope you can take this time to pick up a new skill, get out for more walks, connect (virtually) with some people you’ve lost touch with, etc. Hang in there, try to stay positive and don’t be afraid to ask for help or someone to talk to. 

Karla Thomsen  |  Office of Information Technology

Please let the international students know that we are surrounding them with support and comfort. We are thinking of them and know that they are all staying safe at this time, and that things are going to be so different when we can all come back. We will share one huge hug in a large circle when we all come together again. It will truly be a great moment when they each get to see their family again!


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