Office Hours: Beth Rousseau

Author: Malcolm McDowell Woods

Published Date: 5/22/2018

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Shattuck B31

Beth Rousseau

Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Music Therapy

Beth Rousseau’s office in the basement of Shattuck is a sanctuary where students gladly linger. Rousseau, in her second year as director of the music therapy program at Carroll, inherited a large office with its own grand piano and quickly transformed the space into a warm, welcoming space.  

aromatherapy diffuser in faculty office

Air Diffuser

A softly glowing air diffuser scents the room with essential oils. Today, it’s a blend of stress away and peace and calming formulas.

singing bowls on shelf

Singing Bowls

A holistic vision marks Rousseau’s approach to music therapy, a lesson learned at Colorado’s Buddhist-inspired Naropa University, where she obtained her master’s.

poster with motivational quotation


The quote, from the late American feminist writer Audre Lorde, is a source of inspiration, as is the women-centric artwork on the walls.

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