Office Hours: Sue Lewis

Author: Malcolm McDowell Woods

Published Date: 2/11/2019

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Rankin Hall 205

Sue Lewis

Professor of biology and marine biology

Dr. Susan Lewis has moved up in the world. Lewis, a professor of biology and marine biology, is settling into a new office in renovated Rankin Hall, a floor up from her old quarters. The new space is a bright corner office, with two tall windows and a high ceiling. While Lewis says she loved her big old office, she’s enjoying the modern conveniences in the reborn Rankin. She’s also happy to be back in the building and mere steps from her classrooms and labs, after a short detour while the building was undergoing its transformation.

Horned Owl Horned Owl

The stuffed owl is a relic of Rankin Hall’s past. Lewis found it in Rankin’s basement years ago, only to learn it had belonged to a former psychology professor at the school. He gifted it to her when he left.

Antique Chair Antique Chair

Lewis actually has two ancient wooden chairs in her office, having refused the modern seats that came with the new office. At least one of the scuffed and worn chairs, she has been told, was part of Rankin’s original furnishings.

Elephant Bookend Carved Elephant Bookend

Carroll students have long been traveling the globe on what we now call Cross-Cultural Experiences. Years ago, a student brought Lewis back a pair of carved elephant bookends from a study trip to Kenya.

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