Office Hours: Donna Cook

Author: Malcolm McDowell Woods

Published Date: 9/17/2019

Categories: F1RST Magazine Faculty and Staff

Sentry Building Mailroom

Donna Cook

Mailroom Manager

Before you even lay eyes on a new copy of F1RST Magazine, Donna Cook has already seen it. Heck, she might even have touched your copy. Cook is Carroll’s mailroom manager, and she’s in her 31st year of shepherding the mail that arrives at and departs from the university. All the mail. Every postcard, fundraising appeal, acceptance letter and birthday card. And, of course, the 25,000 copies of each issue of F1RST Magazine. It all passes through her “office”—an array of desks and assorted machines at the heart of the university’s mailroom.

staff directory

The bible

With a lower case b. A scribbled, crossed-out, sticky-note-affixed compendium of everyone at Carroll and where they can be found. Donna’s bible.

Donna's personal items

Personal Space

Donna doesn’t sit at a desk all that often, so personal tchotchkes are kept to a minimum—just photos of her grandkids and a 30th anniversary certificate.

postage meter

Postage meter

Donna’s domain includes numerous machines—counters, tabbers, sorters and stuffers—but the postage meter rules them all.

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