Feature on student veteran, Marcel Kline and CSVO

Author: Kelsey DeMarais '07

Published Date: 10/24/2022

Categories: Alumni Students

Marcel Kline
Every student has a story: their life experience before attending college, what drives them, and their hopes for the future. Marcel Kline, future graduate of 2023, is no different, except that he is among the small percentage of students who are also veterans. Marcel served 12 years in the Marine Corps before coming to Carroll.

In 2008 when the economy turned, Marcel was laid off from his then-manufacturing-job. Unsure of what was next, especially in a bad job market, he enlisted after much prompting from a friend. “I did not want to [enlist] at first. My friend had to ask a few times before I committed. But I needed it to become myself and figure out who I was as an individual,” said Marcel of his time in the corps.

His 12-year-career in the armed forces ranged from retrograding tanks in Afghanistan to a couple years serving as a marine security guard in California to three years working in Europe including protecting the U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic. He is most grateful for having the “whole Europe experience” and the opportunity to travel to different countries.

Once he left his time in the military, he applied to and was accepted to a few larger schools, but it was the personal attention and one-on-one relationships with professors that largely drew him to Carroll. “I care more when I have that direct relationship with my professors. Going to a larger school would not have given me the same relationships I’ve grown with my professors here.”

He recognizes Carroll as a true teaching institution and would tell any prospective student that, “the professors are going to help you in whatever way they can, and my advice is to build a network with professors and peers.”

As a non-traditional student that is older than many of his peers, his life perspective is different. While it might be easy for students to get into a “check the box” mentality when it comes to school, Marcel admits that most vets are perfectionists when they are working on something, will ask questions when they do not understand, and are always working to do their best for the assignments. Marcel was able to receive credit for his military experience and as a recipient of the Class of 1972 Endowed Scholarship, he is grateful to be invested into as he works toward his next goals.

Marcel is studying Public Health and has begun the application process to enroll in graduate school. His goal is to become an epidemiologist. He is most looking forward to completing graduate school so he can get back to serving: "I'm looking forward to completing my degrees so that I can serve again and give back to the world.”

To Marcel and all our veterans: thank you for your service to our country and world!
Marcel Kline

The Carroll military family is made up of full and part-time students who are active service members and veterans, as well as their spouses and dependents. Whether this is your first-time attending college or your fifth, we are here to support you with the resources you need to succeed, and recognize that service, family, and other commitments may put you on a less traditional path.
In addition to offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, Carroll provides members of our military family with special amenities designed to foster community and ensure academic and personal success.

Carroll Student Veteran Organization (CSVO)
The Carroll Student Veteran Organization (CSVO) serves as a source of knowledge, support, representation, and camaraderie to any and all students of prior and current military service seeking education at Carroll University. The CSVO is here to help smooth the transition from military member to student as seamlessly as possible, and to provide a comfortable & welcoming environment with other individuals who have been through the same transitions.
“Our biggest thing is creating a home on campus for military/veteran students. Many veterans find it hard to connect with people outside of the military so the transition from military to student can be especially difficult. Since last year was mostly spent developing the organization, our goal this year is to spread the word of the organization so all student veterans are aware of us, the house, and the fact that they have someone advocating for them. Since the organization’s inception, the Voyager house was designated as our own special place on campus, and we receive priority registration as well as campus-wide recognition. We’re hoping that by having more people know about us we can make a difference in the community to not only help active military and veteran students’ transition, but also show the community the best ways to support veterans in general!” - Michaela Phillips, CSVO President

Voyager House

President Gnadinger allocated Voyager House at 125 Wright Street to serve as our Student Veteran House. The house is meant to be a retreat and resource for all Carroll students who are active military or veterans, or who are receiving education benefits as family members of veterans. The house already has 2 computers with CAC access, a printer (MFD), phone, microwaves and mini fridges, a TV lounge area, bathroom, meeting/study spaces, and an ADA rear-entrance and parking. Plans are in the works for a picnic table, flagpole, and expanded kitchenette. Members of our military family can access the house using the Carroll ID swipe system.
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