Letter to the Editor: Alumna finding Carroll everywhere

Author: Sue Martin ‘60

Published Date: 11/1/2022

Categories: Alumni Students

Sue Martin '60

I always enjoy the Carroll monthly alumni newsletter, but the October 2022 one really left an impression on me because one of the articles hit home. Aimee (’13) and Maggie (’19) met in the delivery room when Aimee’s son was born. It was Aimee’s quote that made me smile: “When I found out she was a Carroll grad, I wasn’t completely surprised because I could tell she was the type of person that goes to Carroll.”

I’ve had that same ‘aha’ experience not once, but three times! The first was in December of 2004 when I was checking out at the busy Kohls store in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and met Amanda. The line was long, and I enjoyed watching the woman at the register as she efficiently went about her tasks, while greeting each patron pleasantly and chatting with the assistant working with her to bag the purchased merchandise.  I could tell from their conversation that the woman at the register was a college student, so when my turn came, I asked where she went to school.  I was not at all surprised when she proudly answered, “I go to Carroll” because ‘I could tell she was the type of person that goes to Carroll.’ 

Then, about three years ago, I met with a cardio rehab specialist at our local hospital to discuss my needs following a minor heart attack. He was professional, listened carefully to my responses to his questions, and put me at ease. Again, when he told me he graduated from Carroll, I was not at all surprised because he was ‘the type of person who goes to Carroll’ – and his approach to his job assured me that my heart and I were in good hands!

Then this month (October 2022) it happened again! It’s an accepted fact that as we age, we slow down – maybe that’s because we have more time to do more things? Whatever the reason, a pesky sore on my leg lingered for several months and didn’t seem to want to heal, so my physician referred me to a physical therapist who was also a wound care specialist. And she, too - Maja Beyer - is ‘the type of person that goes to Carroll.’  And like me, she has Carroll in her genes, since her dad is also a Carroll grad. 

The next time you meet someone who seems like ‘the type of person that goes to Carroll’ just ask…and you probably won’t be surprised!

Sue established a scholarship fund for non-traditional students through a gift in her will. Learn more about Sue's story. 


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