"When you join something like this, you don’t leave.”

Author: Carroll University

Published Date: 10/29/2020

Categories: Alumni

For more than 60 years, Glenn and Gail Schilling have been proud members of the Carroll alumni family. The married couple are both Carroll University graduates, Glenn ’58 and Gail ’60, who met on campus in 1956 in the lunch line at what was then the new student union. They both have fond memories of their time at Carroll, pledged in social organizations, and built relationships with lifelong friends who are also members of the Old Main Society. They have remained active in the Carroll community and attended every homecoming since their graduation.

The year 2020 marked their 60th Homecoming Celebration and they continue to relish the opportunity to be immersed in the Carroll Culture. The Schillings continue to give back and support Carroll University because they believe it is important that the current generation, and future generations of students have the opportunity to be immersed in Carroll’s rich culture, too. As Gail Schilling so eloquently stated in the video below, “It is important to continue to support Carroll so other people can go there and find what we found, and end up with the wonderful life we have. When you join something like this, you don’t leave.” We hope you will join The Schillings to help ensure current and future students find their higher education path at Carroll University.

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