Carroll University Honors Council

The Carroll University Honors Council (CUHC) represents the interests of Honors Program students. The CUHC seeks to build a dynamic and professional rapport amongst members and faculty to foster academic excellence, stewardship and integrity. It encourages leadership, individuality and friendship throughout the community. Outside the classroom, the CUHC performs charitable works throughout the Waukesha community and beyond. The Honors Council works with the Honors Center’s director and staff, the Honors Committee and Carroll University faculty and staff to shape an ever innovative and challenging Honors experience.

All students in the Honors Program are eligible to join the Honors Council. Elections are held each spring for the following academic year. Students interested in serving on the Honors Council should complete the application here: Honors Council Application.

For more information contact the Honors Center at

Council Positions and Descriptions

The President is responsible for conducting Council meetings and recording minutes. The President will act as a first among peers on the Council and assist other members as appropriate. Furthermore, the President will act as a student liaison between the Honors Faculty at Carroll University and the Council. The President will maintain an open line of communication between the Director and administrative assistant of the Honors Center as well as the administrative assistant to the dean of the Honors College in order to brainstorm ideas and keep the Council informed on current goings-on in the college. The President also endeavors to attend Honors Committee meetings and Honors Mentors training and meetings. Overall, the President will help the Council function as a unit and be the bridge between the Honors Program and the Council. 

Vice President 
The Vice President is responsible for conducting Council meetings and creating meeting minutes when the President is not in attendance. The Vice President will attend Honors Faculty meetings with the President whenever possible. The Vice President will record minutes from these faculty meetings to keep for Council use. The Vice President will assist with administrative tasks with the Council such as following up with members on their projects and keeping things within the Council flowing smoothly. The Vice President will create bi-monthy student newsletters with the help of the Council. The student in this position will delegate different ‘articles’ to each member on the Council and then format the newsletter. Overall, the Vice President is expected to assist actively the President in leading the Council, learn about the President’s role whilst in office, and act as interim President in the event of the President’s absence. 

Recruitment Chair
The Recruitment Chair is responsible for assisting and facilitating student involvement in the Honors Program in collaboration with the Honors Director and administrative assistant. This may include, but is not limited to, prospective students events; open house events; and assisting with Honors student retention. For all events, the Recruitment Chair works in close collaboration with the other members of the Council, specifically the Events Coordinator, and the Honors RA and Honors mentors. Overall, the Recruitment Chair will help the Council and Honors Program by providing dynamic and creative approaches to the recruitment and retention of Honors Students.

Events Coordinator
The Events Coordinator is responsible for ideating and leading dynamic events specifically for the Honors Community at Carroll University. To accomplish this, the Events Coordinator works closely with the Honors Center administrative assistant to arrange for spaces, supplies and logistics, and can rely on the Council for advice and assistance, and will delegate tasks as needed, devise implementation plans, and closely adhere to agreed deadlines. Overall, the Events Coordinator will help the Council reach out to students on campus and provide Honors Students at Carroll University with fun opportunities to get to know other Honors Students on campus and form a community. When planning events, the Events Coordinator should try to plan one “major” event and one “minor” event each semester. 

First-Year Representative
The First-Year Representative is responsible for engaging First-Year Honors Students fostering their involvement in the program and advocating for their needs and concerns with the Council and the Honors Director. The First-Year Representative should also form a relationship with the Honors RA in Charles House and Honors Mentos to ensure effective and regular communication. Overall, the First-Year Representative will help inform the First-Year Honors Students about the work of the Council and assist the Council in meeting the needs of the freshman class. 

All members are expected to form and maintain relationships with Honors Faculty and the Director of the Honors Center. Members must cultivate effective communication with all other members of the Council and promptly inform Council Members when they cannot make a meeting, need assistance with a task, or have an idea about the program. All council members are expected to practice mutual respect and active involvement in the Honors Program, its leadership and success, and to uphold the values expressed in the Carroll Ethos Statement. respecting diversity and culture.


The Honors RA in Charles House is expected to be informed in all goings-on regarding Honors First-Year Honors Students. The Honors RA is invited to all Council meetings and sent meeting minutes from each meeting whether present or not. On particular occasions the Honors RA is expected to be in attendance at a Council meeting and, if unable to do so, must agree for alternate arrangements with the council’s President. Overall, the Honors RA must be an engaged member of the Honors Community and uphold Carroll’s standards and expectations for residence assistants.

Honors Mentors are encouraged to attend meetings as members-at-large to help the Council determine the needs of Honors Students at Carroll University and, in particular, of First-Year Honors Students. Once a month, the Honors Mentors and the Honors Council will meet to discuss any problems and brainstorm a variety of ways to communicate with and engage First-Year Students.

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