Carroll University Honors Program

The Honors Program at Carroll University encourages motivated and talented students to pursue a depth of knowledge within an enriched curriculum and a thoughtful focus on cultural competency.  The program creates an environment designed to challenge students' perspectives and foster intellectual development. 

Honors at Carroll is an interdisciplinary, integrative experience, specifically designed to provide a fertile environment for talented students with leadership potential to cultivate their passions and develop critical and system-thinking skills and collaborative working abilities. This encourages personal growth, so that they may become ethically-minded professionals and global citizens. We accomplish this by establishing and building off of an inclusive environment, tightly-knit learning community of dedicated students, faculty, and staff. Together, we explore in-depth cultural relationships to further establish our sense of cultural competency.

Mindful of the taxing demands that higher education places on students, our Honors Program seamlessly integrates into our students’ existing institutional and major graduation requirements. Therefore, the Honors experience is not an added burden to your path to success, but an alternative way to accomplish the same goals you already strive for, with an emphasis on critically analyzing cultural values and ethical collaboration. The Honors student experience will strengthen and broaden your ability to attain fulfilling results. Additionally, the Honors Program will teach you to act with leadership as an engaged individual and a skilled professional, regardless of your chosen field.

"Carroll’s Honors program values its student’s education through creating course content that not only peaks our interest but instills in us lifelong skills that we can take with us in pursuing our future careers."

— Tim Wallace '25

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Program Characteristics

  • Designed to foster the development of critical and integrative approaches to problem solving
  • Grounded in cooperative work and collaborative learning with similarly motivated Honors students
  • Geared towards the cultivation of leadership traits
  • Built around smaller and dynamic classes, exclusive to Honors students, which allows for close interaction, discussion and/or debate between faculty and students

Special Features

  • Honors Hall of Residence at A. Paul Jones Honors Hall for first-year Honors students
  • Unique graduation recognition and Carroll merchandise exclusive to Honors students
  • Access to early registration for all courses, Honors and not, beginning in the fall semester of the first year in the Program
  • Exclusive access to academic and advising support at the Honors Center Office, Advising Office and Office of International Education

Tiana Jenig '23

“The Carroll University Honors Program ignited my sense of belonging at school. As a commuter it can be challenging to make meaningful relationships. Being a part of the Honors Program helped me build those lasting relationship upon arriving at school and provided us fun events and comfortable places to bond.” 

Program Details

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