Medical College of Wisconsin 3+3 Partnership Program

The dual degree partnership program between Carroll University and the Medical College of Wisconsin allows students to earn a bachelor of arts or science degree from Carroll and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from MCW in just six years. Students spend three years at Carroll completing courses in the undergraduate major of their choice, along with pharmacy school pre-requisites before transferring to MCW.  Courses from the first year of the PharmD program transfer back to Carroll to complete the undergraduate degree requirements.  Students are then awarded a bachelor’s degree from Carroll.  After successfully completing the three-year pharmacy program, students earn their Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from MCW. Alternately, students may choose to complete their undergraduate degree in four years at Carroll before seeking admission to MCW. 

Admission to the pre-pharmacy program at Carroll University does not guarantee admission to the MCW Pharmacy School. Students must complete all admission materials and processes with MCW for admittance consideration to their program. 

Program Advantages

  • The chance to earn a seat in MCW’s Pharmacy School during the first year at Carroll. 
  • Reduced competition, which translates into higher acceptance rates. 
  • Support and guidance from an experienced team of academic advisors. 
  • Students accepted into the program will have access to a MCW faculty mentor, career discussions, shadowing opportunities with the MCW School of Pharmacy’s clinical partners and will potentially have access to undergraduate research opportunities at MCW.  

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